Diet 6 petals. What is it and what does it eat?

Diet 6 petals

The 6-petal diet Menu is quite unusual compared to other diets and complex diet. If the standard diet involves a lot of restrictions and meticulous calorie counting, the diet of 6 petals is more like a game. Chamomile with 6 petals and a core, symbolizing 6 different types of food and a day of complete freedom. Let's take a closer look at this diet.

Deskripsi Diet 6 petals. Detailed menu for each day of the diet. Fish, vegetable and cottage cheese days.

6 petals.

Such an interesting name came to Anna Johanson's mind after she decided to combine several of the most famous monodiets. Instead of having to sit on a mono-diet for a few weeks or even a month, mono can be divided into time frames, and alternate, thereby avoiding most of the negative consequences for the organism. But, anyway, before you sit down, on 6 petals, be sure to consult your doctor. Perhaps you have a disease with which it is better not to try this diet.

This diet, thanks to its unusual form, causes less negative emotions from the very fact of being on a diet. Cut a Daisy out of paper or cardboard, outline each petal a certain type of food, be it fish, vegetables etc and in the center write in big letters "liberty" or "cheers" or just painted in bright yellow color of the Sun. Agree, this approach to the diet will cause you more positive emotions than the table with the calculation of calories.

6-petal diet Menu for a week.

As mentioned earlier, diet 6 petals is comprised of a set of 6 different mono-diet.


  • fish
  • Fruit
  • Chicken
  • Vegetable
  • Curd
  • Cereal diets

The Seventh day is fasting and at this time you can afford anything you want. If you do not need a fasting day, then just continue to alternate the "petals" of the diet. Let us dwell on the menu of each day.

Day 1. Fish.

On the first day of the diet you saturate your body with useful fatty acids, which due to their structure can not be converted into subcutaneous fat. So you are cheating your body.

On this day, you can cook any fish dish, be it soup, steamed fish, boiled fish, etc. most Importantly – do not fry it.

Breakfast: boiled fish

Afternoon Snack: baked fish in the oven. You can use foil, to fish has remained soft and juicy

Lunch: fish soup. No vegetables. Only fish

Second lunch: steamed fish

Dinner: boiled fish.

Day 2. Produce.

W this day your body will receive a large amount of useful carbohydrates and reduce the number of calories. Thanks to the vegetable composition, your body will spend more energy on digestion than, in fact, will receive from these vegetables.

There are no Restrictions on the types of vegetables. You can choose anything.

Breakfast: grated carrots

Afternoon Snack: mashed potatoes

Lunch: stewed vegetables

Second lunch: vegetables at a few

Dinner: vegetables raw

Day 3. Chicken.

On this day your body will store a large amount of protein, which will strengthen your body.

Breakfast: boiled chicken breast

Afternoon Snack: chicken in the oven

Lunch: chicken soup

Second lunch: grilled chicken. The skin it is desirable to remove

Dinner: chicken fillet.

Day 4. Cereals.

Thanks to cereals, which are digested slowly enough, your body will again consume more energy than it will receive from the dishes themselves.

Breakfast: wheat porridge

Afternoon Snack: buckwheat

Lunch: rice or rice porridge

Second lunch: oatmeal

Dinner: buckwheat porridge with greens

Day 5. Curd.

Due To the large amount of protein and vitamin complex, your body will make up for the missing elements that it had to spend the last 4 days. The best part is that there are no fats among these lost elements.

On this day your main dish is cottage cheese. During the day, other dairy products will be added to the cottage cheese products to diversify the diet a little.

Breakfast: cottage cheese with yogurt

Afternoon Snack: cottage cheese with milk

Lunch: cottage cheese

The Second lunch: cottage cheese with milk

Dinner: cottage cheese

Day 6. Fruits.

On the last day of the diet given to fruit. Due to the content of complex carbohydrates in its composition, your body will be able to quickly get enough of fruit and, at the same time, lose a lot of energy. And on replenishing this energy and your body fat will be spent.

Breakfast: green apples. 2 pieces

Afternoon Snack: banana. 1 piece

Lunch: grapes. 1 piece. Orange. 1 piece

Second lunch: pineapple. 1 piece. Kiwi. 1 piece

Dinner: green apples. 2 pieces

It Should also be added that during all days of the chamomile diet it is necessary to drink a large amount of water. About 2-3 liters per day. It is also worth to navigate through the days of mono-diet, and drinking appropriate beverages, namely:

  • Fish broth for fish day
  • Vegetable juices, cocktails, mixes and fresh juices for vegetable day
  • Chicken soup for chicken of the day
  • Kvass for cereal day
  • Milk for cottage cheese day
  • Fruit juice fruit of the day.

Any day of 6 petal diet you can drink green tea in unlimited quantities.

As you can see, the diet is very diverse and does not make you sit on one kind of food for weeks. Try the 6-petal diet and feel its lightness and effectiveness. Lose weight.

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