Diet 5 tablespoons, reviews and results of weight loss, menu

diet 5 spoonsDiet 5 tablespoons – a balanced diet, the process of weight loss which occurs due to the limitation of the amount of food eaten at a time.

Diet 5 spoons allows effectively to lose weight and keep weight in further expense of reducing volume of stomach.

5 tablespoons is the right weight loss

Why diet "five tablespoons" is referred to as a diet for proper weight loss?
5 tablespoons - that's how much in its volume should have a portion that provokes weight loss. This volume was established by the European Association of the associations of Dietitians (European Federation of the associations of Dietitians) at the XIII international Congress of dietitians.

As shown by recent studies of the Institute of nutrition of RAMS, the most effective method of nutrition, which involves not limiting the type of food, but reducing its amount entering the stomach at a time.

According to statistics, up to 90% people who are obese have a stomach comparable in size to the stomach of large horned animals. According to Russian gastroenterologists for 2010, the increased capacity of this digestive organ is typical for almost all people who are overweight. This pathology is caused by the stretched muscular walls of the stomach, which, in a healthy form, should not exceed the size of the human fist. In connection with this physiology, the ideal portion size was adopted, stimulating reducing fat mass, namely 5 full tablespoons.

This amount of food (5 spoons) is enough to satisfy Your hunger and replenish the energy reserves of the body. Everything else, getting a single dose of food, not exceeding the weight of 5 tablespoons, Your stomach will gradually begin to shrink. In fact, this process can be compared with how to "sit down" woolen clothes after washing or how to reduce the balloon when it is released air.
5 tablespoons or 150 grams of food – this portion helps the body lose weight.

Diet 5 spoons – persistent result

Any weight loss process will be useless if during the time you spend on a diet, the size of Your stomach will remain the same as "20 kilograms" ago. In fact, according to their natural needs based on genetics, the body can't constantly eating food only carbohydrate or only protein origin. Therefore, graduating from this or that diet, You go back to a normal diet and favorite foods, and eventually to his past weight. After all, all my life to eat tasteless food recommended by the next diet, You will not, will not you?

That's why fruit or vegetable diets are so rarely effective – even if You eat 10 apples at a time, the stomach will stretch as if You ate several pieces of fatty pork. Of course, apples less calories than meat, so a week on a diet You lose weight. But, later, thanks to the increased appetite and large volume of the stomach, very quickly gain lost pounds.

Like any weight loss technique that offers proper and, most importantly, long-term weight loss, a 5-spoon diet changes the physiology of digestion, reducing the stomach stretched by food to its natural size. As a result – the slimming appetite is normalized, hunger is not felt so acutely and often, a small amount of food retains a feeling of satiety for 5-6 hours.
Persistent result of diet 5 spoons of grounded natural gastric bypass.

In fact, diet 5 spoons returns digestion to their healthy and proper operation. So, no matter how much time has passed after the completion of the diet, the newly gained pounds Will not bother you. No matter how much You lose weight on a diet of 5 spoons, 5, 10 or 20 kilograms, Your weight will remain low and after leaving this method of weight loss.

Diet five spoons: menu

Diet 5 spoons to follow is very simple. Its power scheme is built quite freely, except for one BUT – the amount of food you eat at a time should not exceed the volume of 5 tablespoons (or 150-200 grams). What kind of food it will be – it's up to you. Perhaps You will eat a piece of cake or chop, perhaps yogurt or buckwheat porridge with butter…

Foods and dishes that You will eat during the diet – only Your choice. As You have already understood, the main point of the technique of five spoons, which allows you to reduce weight, is the amount, not the type of food eaten.

What and how is:

  • Number of meals – unlimited.
  • the Amount of food eaten in 1 meal – 5 tablespoons (or 150-200 grams of product).
  • Kind of consumed dishes and products – any.
  • Break between meals – at least 3 hours.

What to drink:

  • the Amount of clean drinking water is unlimited.
  • sugar-free Drinks (tea, coffee, juices, mineral water) - unlimited. Allowed the use of fructose per 1 teaspoon per 250 ml of liquid (glass).

As you can see above, there are no restrictions in the diet regarding the type of meals and products, as well as the number of meals per day. Only the portion size is important – no more than five tablespoons every 3 hours. It will be 5 spoons of boiled condensed milk or meat stew, it does not matter.

the Only thing You should be yourself limit – sweet carbonated drinks and other liquids containing sugar and "sweeteners". To use them is strictly prohibited, because such drinks are, literally, liquid calories. Everyone's favorite tea, cocoa or coffee can be drunk without adding a spoonful of sugar to the Cup.

Frequently asked questions for weight loss diet five tablespoons

If I want to eat a piece of meat as "draw" him a spoon to measure out the desired Portia?
Of course, eating meat, You do not need to use a spoon as the only Cutlery. Just cut a piece of meat, which, in your opinion, could easily fit in 1 tablespoon. Such pieces, respectively, You can eat 5 pieces, equivalent in volume to five tablespoons. The total mass of meat in this case will be approximately 150-200 grams.

Or you can immediately measure a piece equal to this weight and eat it. Same it concerns fish and poultry. Usually in this weight range is a small piece of fish or meat, no larger than the palm of your hand.

How to eat a sandwich on a diet of "5 spoons"?
All products that do not have a liquid or mushy consistency, You can roughly (in the diet is not important fundamental scrupulousness) correlate with the volume of 5 tablespoons. For solid food, the total weight is about 150-200 grams, i.e. two ordinary sandwiches.

Can I use a teaspoon instead of a dining room?
Of course, if You prefer to use a teaspoon instead of a dining room, You can use it. Most importantly, remember that in one tablespoon can "fit" 3 teaspoons, therefore, instead of 5 tablespoons, You can eat 15 teaspoons at a time.

How to eat whole fruits or vegetables on diet?
If You want to eat whole fruit, pay attention his weight. The average weight of the product, fit in 5 tablespoons, is 150-200 grams. Roughly so much weighs 1 Apple, 1 orange, 3 Mandarin, 1 banana, 1 pomegranate, 1 pear. If You see that the weight of the chosen fruit clearly exceeds the specified weight, separate from it a piece weighing about 150-200 grams, this will be the necessary portion, equivalent to the volume of 5 tablespoons. The same goes for vegetables.

You Can do otherwise by grating or slicing the chosen vegetable or fruit, for example, is often made with carrots, cabbage, apples... In this case, it will be easy for You to measure the desired portion in 5 tablespoons.

How many meals can I have per day?
As long as You see fit. Diet does not limit the number of meals. The main thing is that between them there was a break of at least 3 hours, and one portion (i.e. 1 meal) by volume was no more than 5 tablespoons (or by weight not exceeded 150-200 grams).

Are there foods that can not be eaten on a diet of 5 tablespoons?
During the diet You choose what foods and at what time of day to eat. Sweet carbonated drinks and liquids containing sugar and other sweeteners other than fructose are prohibited. Fructose is allowed to be added at the rate of 1 teaspoon per glass.

is it Allowed to eat seasonings, salt and sugar during the diet?
Salt, seasonings and sugar can be a part of food. The main thing is to follow the diet rule of a three-hour break between meals, and eat no more than 5 tablespoons of food at a time.
But remember that too salty and spicy dishes can provoke an unreasonably high appetite! Sugar can be in food, but not in liquids. In order to sweeten the drink, use fructose per 1 teaspoon per glass.

diet Results 5 tablespoons
The results of the diet of 5 tablespoons are clearly visible after a week of its observance. The time frame within which you can follow the procedure is unlimited.

the Diet promises average weight loss per week - 4-6 pounds for a month – 15-20 kg.

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