Diet "5 fun processed cheese", reviews and results, weight loss menu

5 fun diet of processed cheesesDiet "5 fun processed cheese" refers to "popular" diets. Its real author is unknown. The advantage of the diet is the availability and variety of products included in the diet. And also the fact that the feedback on "a diet good and fun feel".
It is also obvious that the diet was named after a bottle of white wine, a glass of which can be consumed every day before going to bed.

Diet Foods it is recommended to buy in advance, for 5 days you will need:

One bottle of good white wine 0,7 (optional wine can be replaced with yogurt),
5 processed cheese (such as "Orbit" or "Friendship"),
5 boiled eggs,
5 large tomatoes,
5 big apples,
5 cucumbers or paprika (sweet pepper),
1 kg of low-fat cottage cheese,
Greens (parsley, dill, green onions, fennel, cilantro...).

  • If you buy processed cheese is not possible, you can replace them with 100 g of soft cheese about 40-50% fat.
  • Apples, tomatoes, sweet pepper and cucumbers need to choose large. Moreover, sweet peppers and apples are better to choose different colors – it's healthier and more fun.

Diet Menu "5 funny processed cheese"

Every day diets should strictly abide by or on:

10:00 – Coffee or tea without sugar + processed cheese,
12:00 – Tomato + egg + greens,
14:00 – Apple,
16:00 – 200 g of cottage cheese + pepper or cucumber + greens,
20:00 – a Glass of wine !
The amount of water is not limited.

It is Important that the amount of food during the day on the diet does not change, and between meals remained a period of 2 hours.

Diet "5 funny processed cheese" can not be used for more than 5 days. Repeat the diet can be no more than once in 1.5-2 months.

Dry White wine is a diuretic it removes excess fluid from the body. But it should be noted that wine on an empty stomach can provoke an increase in acidity, which can lead to an exacerbation of gastritis or ulcers. In addition, the wine can stimulate the appetite and lead to disruption with diets.
Before you start a diet of "5 fun processed cheese", be sure to consult your doctor.

Advice from the visitors of the Alphabet Diets:
Girls, sharing information. I'm talking about this diet a lot of reading, taking notes losing girl wrote somewhere that the menu adapts itself, to make it tastier...
So, at 12.00 egg you can fry on a Teflon pan without oil, a tomato and chop the add the greens and a little sour cream. (and I'd add that instead of sour cream you can use system mayonnaise is natures. yogurt, ACTIVIA, for example, with the addition of soy sauce) there will only 1 h. a spoon, drop calories, but delicious... 16.00 cucumber salad with sour cream and herbs (instead of cucumber, you can take bell pepper), and you can half a cucumber and half a pepper together...
if you eat a salad, cottage cheese can be successfully transferred to 6 PM (in cottage cheese, you can add a spoonful of sour cream and a drop of honey) I add Deputy of sugar and ACTIVIA spoon.
And at 8 PM with wine you can eat half an Apple green. All the wine on an empty stomach and a plumb line will not affect...

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