Diet "20/4" from Helpmaker ori: type of interval fasting

Diet "20/4" is a kind of interval of starvation, became popular after the book of ori Helpmaker called a "Diet warrior". It is known that such a system of power adhered to the Roman legionaries and Spartans.

The Main advantage of this diet is its simplicity. You do not have to calculate calories and spend time on cooking complex dishes. So, consider the basic rules, the approximate diet menu, the process addictive and effect.

Basic rules

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Interval fasting according to the "20/4" suggests the following rules:

1. The day is divided into 2 phases. The fasting stage lasts 20 hours, and the remaining 4 hours in the evening are given to meals.

2. During the fasting phase, you can eat a small amount of vegetables and fruits, as well as drink fresh juices diluted with water.

3. Sport loads are recommended at the end of the fasting stage. The first meal should be made after a workout. It should include foods enriched with protein. For example, cottage cheese, seafood, chicken breast.

4. People need to eat slowly, enjoying every bite. Leave the table as soon as you feel full.

5. There are no restrictions in the choice of products. However, this does not mean that you can eat junk food – synthetic foods, harmful fats, alcohol and soda.

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Be careful! Diet warrior has such contraindications as pregnancy and lactation, serious pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, foci of inflammation, heart disease, diabetes. Also, this food system is not recommended for persons under 18 years.

Sample menu

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Option #1

First meal: cottage cheese casserole, seafood salad

Second meal: celery cream soup, whole-grain bread with a piece of cheese

Option #2

First reception food: fish steamed buckwheat, a glass of kefir

Second meal: salad from vegetables, chicken fillet, brown rice

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Addictive and effect

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If you are used to eat tightly, it is unlikely that your body will immediately well accept this system of nutrition. In the first week you can feel a strong hunger, growing in the evening, weakness, increased irritability and difficulty concentrating. However, soon your condition will return to normal.

Effect of interval fasting according to the scheme "20/4":

• splits the extra fat, not muscle;
• the level of "bad" cholesterol is reduced by almost 35%;
• increases the level of vital energy;
• normalizes the level of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for the rate of saturation;
• slow down the process agings.

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Warrior Diet for many people have become part of the way of life. It teaches to really enjoy food and helps to find harmony!

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