Diet "100 pieces": how to lose weight with the help of gadgets

The Secret of the "100 pieces" diet is to watch not only what you eat, but also how fast you do it. Experts in the field of weight loss are sure: careful chewing of food helps to feel satiety before overeating happens.

And researchers at the University of South Carolina came to the conclusion that for weight loss you need to use no more than 100 pieces per day. Next, consider the unusual gadgets that help to control the process of weight loss.

Gadgets for monitoring the process of losing weight

When the results of the study were first obtained, confirming the relationship between chewing food and the onset of satiety, scientists hurried to develop gadgets that allow you to control the speed of eating and the number of pieces of food eaten.

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Do you need help with your diet? Whoever creates a wearable that can know what you are eating and coaches you, is going to make a gazillion dollars! Until then Hapifork is still available for $79. This little fork helps with pacing the intake of food. The lower you eat the fuller you feel. Hapifork will help guide you with vibrations and data via its app based dashboard. It may sound crazy to plug your fork into your computer but it's a product that can help drive eating awareness. Note: If you are forging spoonfuls of Lord or any other fat or sugar, no matter how slow you eat, your going to get fat. #Hapifork #Fork #Food #Nutrition #IoT #Wearables #WearableTech #NextBigIdea #Smartification #SmartTech #Technology #Data #Analytics #Dashboard #Apple #Fitness #FitnessInstructor #Trainer #Eat #Lunch #Dinner #Breakfast #Idea #Coach #Gym #Health #Body #GymBunny #Tracking #WouldIWearIt

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Stockholm medical company Mando Group came up with a special plate that weighs food and determines how long it takes to chew it fully. This new product will be presented on the market in a few weeks. However, the HAPIfork digital plug, which vibrates and blinks, is already on sale, if you eat too fast (bring the pieces of food to your mouth at intervals of less than 10 seconds).

Interesting fact! It turns out that in the 19th century Horace Fletcher developed a diet, which was based on the hypothesis that every piece of food you need to chew at least 32 times. For this Horace called by the nickname "the Great zhevatel".

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Bite Monitor is another weight loss monitoring device developed by researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina. It resembles a watch and is attached to the wrist, counting the number of movements in the direction of the user's mouth. The developers believe that 100 pieces a day (about 1100 kcal for women and 1700 kcal for men) is the optimal number for weight loss. The accuracy of such a "step mouth" is 90%.

Note! In pursuit of the figure of their dreams, people sometimes lose all common sense. Emit some of the wildest ways to lose weight, which is still in use.

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All of the above gadgets can be great tools for weight loss! However, the best fitness devices are still hula Hoop, dumbbell and kitchen set for cooking vegetable salads. To pacify your appetite and adjust the weight, not necessarily wise. The main thing – really want!

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