Diet "10 kg per week": features, recommendations. Reviews slimming diet "10 kg per week", expected results

Intensive weight loss is frowned upon by many professional nutritionists. Many girls who have tried the Express diet, complain about the deterioration of health, decreased performance. This is due to the occurrence of stress conditions in the body, the result of which is an exacerbation or occurrence of chronic disease or a rapid set of kilograms dropped during the diet. Therefore, choosing a technique, you should be careful about your state of health.

Diet "lose Weight for week on 10 kg"

The Most popular diets related to the category of "10 kg per week" are those based on the use of onions, buckwheat and kefir's. All of them are considered to be quite tough, because in a short period of time (7 days) they help to lose up to 10 kg, which, accordingly, means a strong limitation in the variety of products used and their quantity.

Diet on kefir assumes the next daily????????:

  • 500 g any vegetables;
  • 1 liter kefir;
  • About 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Not more than 150 g of chicken lean meat's.

Buckwheat Express diet: the use of appropriate cereals steamed in boiling water for 8-10 hours, without the addition of various sauces and fragrant spices, as well as salt. Onion diet involves the inclusion in the daily diet of onion soup with tomatoes, bell pepper, white or cauliflower and celery. This is the most gentle of all the classic diets "10 kg per week." In addition, you can eat fruit in cheese view.

Pay attention! Do not expect that at the end of one week, the scales will show a value less than the original 10 kg. the Number of pounds dropped depends on the speed of metabolic processes, which is quite an individual phenomenon. Some girls try to get rid of fat accumulations for months.

Diet "10 kg per week"

Experts recommend to pay attention to the factors that led to weight gain. Many make obvious mistakes, the results of which are not easy to get rid of even if you follow the most strict diet. For example, it may be a small amount of consumed fruits and vegetables, a constant skip Breakfast, a meal just before the night's rest or abuse of fried and smoked. By correcting your mistakes, you can quickly achieve the desired results in a short time.

Intensive weight loss is harmful due to accelerated fat splitting, resulting in the body is unable to cope with acids, which are the products of the breakdown of consumed fats. Such vital organs as liver and kidneys are loaded, toxins are accumulated. Another unpleasant moment – any Express diet will inevitably lead to the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, getting rid of which – a long and unpleasant process.

Diet "10 kg per week"

Diet "10 kg per week" with menu

Diet course "10 kg per week" is designed for this period due to the fact that the rigid framework of nutrition to withstand longer is almost impossible. This diet begins to follow the girls who want to lose weight by the summer or to a special solemn event in life. To withstand almost starvation can only people who do not having health problems, in the opposite case, seeking help from a doctor is inevitable. Mandatory rule Express diet – drink enough water or any other permitted liquid. The sample menu looks like this:

  1. 1 liter of skim milk.
  2. Juice from vegetables or unsweetened fruits (fresh) about 1 liter, and also 250 g cottage cheese.
  3. One of the most "hungry" days counts on drinking 1 liter water without Gaza.
  4. Potatoes "in uniform" – 4-5 PCs., fruit or vegetable juice – 1 liter.
  5. Water (500 ml) or juice, plus, 5 apples.
  6. 1 liter of juice and 250 g of any kind of low-fat meat, boiled without adding spices and salt.
  7. "Kefir" day, the recommended amount is 1 liter.

The week-Long Express course must be correctly completed to avoid serious damage to the digestive system. Mandatory reception of minerals and vitamins'. You can not "pounce" on food after the diet, otherwise, there is a high probability in a short time to return the lost weight.

Diet "10 kg per week"

Diets for 7 – 10 days

Minus 4-7 kg in one week can be seen on the scales, using different Express diets. The main of them: buckwheat, watermelon, kefir.

Diet yogurt allows you to quickly get rid of the hated pounds, and also strengthen the blood vessels. Notes positive effect on the nervous system. In addition to kefir in the amount of 500 ml daily, the main products of the weight loss course include:

  • On the first day – boiled potatoes (not more than 5 PCs.);
  • on the second day the breast of poultry 150 gr;
  • In the third day – so much same any boiled meat (best choose veal);
  • On the fourth day – fish boiled – 100 g;
  • On the fifth day – all vegetable crops and fruit fruits except potatoes, banana and grapes;
  • On the sixth day – kefir with a low mass fraction of fat;
  • the Latest day – the water.

Prohibited products – sugar and salt. Repeat kefir diet is possible after three months after the previous seven-day course.

Watermelon diet choose many young girls, especially, in a hot season. This Express diet is considered to be effective and easily tolerated. This is due to the high temperatures on the street, when hunger is not so pronounced. Due to the fact that the product contains a large amount of water, the accumulated kilograms quickly go away, since all the salts and excess water are removed together with the liquid, which makes many look much fuller. Contraindication to compliance with the diet in question is a deviation in the kidneys. In addition to watermelon in the amount of 2 kg, you can eat cooked low-fat fish, hard cheeses and porridge, cooked on water.

Quickly lose weight using buckwheat as the basis of the daily diet, it is simple, but it should be remembered that with caution to this Express diet should be treated people suffering from abnormalities in the digestive system. A positive feature of this strict diet is a slight feeling of hunger, as buckwheat is considered one of the most nutritious products. Disadvantages – monotonous food, fresh menu.

The Product does not need cook for 8-10 hours, buckwheat, filled with boiling water, swell well and be ready to eat. You can eat it as much as you want, but you can not add anything to the porridge, including sugar, sauces and salt. From liquids are acceptable: water without gas and any tea. In some cases, you can replace cereals with natural yogurt or cottage cheese, as well as green apples (sour variety). This Express diet can cause severe weakness, apathy, frequent dizziness. Repeat the "buckwheat" course of rapid weight loss should be once in six months, to avoid serious health problems.

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