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A cleanse is an effective cleansing and noticeable weight lossCleansing diet is very important for the intestine and the body as a whole, because in our time, in a catastrophic environmental situation, natural products have almost disappeared from the market, and products with food additives, GMOs and nitrates have come to replace them. Also harm the health of the constant stress, Smoking, drinking alcohol. All, without exception, from time to time to clean the body, because it is formed in the process of life a large number of harmful substances. This is important for people with obese and slim physique. Cleansing diet is important for people with gastrointestinal disorders, for those who have a dull hair, brittle nails, decreased appetite, dark circles under the eyes, skin rashes, constant irritability and a feeling of fatigue. All this applies to people who live in ecologically polluted areas or work in similar conditions.

Effective whether diet, body cleansing?

Currently, there are many different diets for weight loss and effective cleansing intestines, which contribute to the overall health of the body. Separate systems are designed to cleanse a particular organ, for example, an effective cleansing diet for the intestine.
This diet eliminates the human body from heavy metals, toxins, toxins, poison, herbicides and other substances that pollute the human body. Such cleaning of the body is recommended periodically to all people, especially those over 30 years.
A cleanse is an effective cleansing and noticeable weight loss

Cleansing diet for weight loss

Cleansing rice diet for 3 days

This kind of rice diet is the most complex and can be repeated no more than once every ten days. The purpose of the diet is fast and effective weight loss in a short time.
There is no specific menu, it is allowed to eat one glass of rice per day – it can be eaten both for several receptions and for one.
For those people who find it difficult to cope with hunger, nutritionists are allowed to eat no more than three green apples a day between meals of rice. But the use of water is very important, because you need to remove from the body a large amount of salts. You can drink green tea without sugar or water. Water can be drunk only an hour after You have eaten rice, or 20 minutes before eating. Otherwise, the diet will not be as effective as if You followed all the rules.
Rigid rice diet eliminates intense exercise and exercise. Purifying rice diet, as many reviews say, is quite complex, but effective.
A cleanse is an effective cleansing and noticeable weight loss

Cleansing diet for 7 days

Day 1: the Entire day need starve, and thirst for quench with water or tea.
Day 2: eat two apples or low-fat yogurt For Breakfast. For lunch – boiled chicken, tangerine salad, avocado, banana, Apple and celery with olive oil. Herbal tea. No dinner, half a grapefruit and a handful of sunflower seeds for the afternoon snack.
Day 3: For Breakfast, eat low-fat yogurt and a bunch of grapes. For lunch – zucchini casserole, fresh vegetables and herbal tea. At noon – chopped cucumber, seasoned with olive oil and coriander and herbal tea.
Day 4: Breakfast as on the previous day. For lunch – a salad of nuts and radishes, rice porridge and tomato juice. At noon – walnuts, half a grapefruit and herbal tea.
Day 5: Breakfast – two oranges, two toast with low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese. For lunch – boiled potatoes, salad of tangerines, oranges and pine nuts, dressed with olive oil. Herbal tea. At noon – cottage cheese, Apple, compote or strawberry juice.
A cleanse is an effective cleansing and noticeable weight loss
Day 6: have Breakfast with low-fat yogurt and half pineapple. At lunch, eat muesli seasoned with lemon juice and honey, as well as half a melon. At noon, prepare sherbet of dried apricots and walnuts, and brew yourself a delicious herbal tea.
Day 7: prepare oatmeal with banana and herbal tea For Breakfast. For lunch – stewed chicken with prunes, fresh vegetables and a glass of yogurt. Afternoon snack – mango, half of a grapefruit and honey.
Each diet has its side effects in the form of headaches, dizziness, weakness, loose stools, frequent urination. But don't be scared of these phenomena, this would indicate that the body is effectively ridding itself of toxins and impurities. It is best to diet during the holidays or on weekends.
Lose weight correctly and be healthy!

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