Details about the most important minerals for the body. How to take where are.

What vitamins and minerals are necessary for health?

Those people who pay at least a little attention to their health, know how much vitamins and minerals our body needs. No medical treatment compensates for the lack of vitamins, macronutrients and trace elements. the Person who maintains the balance of nutrients will always be in a more advantageous position than the one who sits on the pills.

Usually the daily value of vitamins is small, but if at least one of them will not be enough, then you risk much damage to the body. Can suffer both physical and mental health, because natural substances are responsible for the nervous system as well. In General, if you do not want to turn into a decrepit old man by the age of thirty, you need to seriously think about your nutrition. To do this, you need to know where and in what proportions these or other vitamins are concentrated, and we will help you with this sort out.

Vitamins with calcium and phosphorus

Calcium and phosphorus are essential minerals to help build the human skeleton. The vitamins by which they are absorbed are group D. in addition To strengthening bones, they support dental health and normal metabolism. The absence of the above-mentioned minerals in the body is fraught with the appearance of rickets in children, frequent fractures in adults and periodontal disease.

Products, where are calcium and phosphorus in the largest proportions are nuts, milk, meat, fish.

Important: monitor calcium and phosphorus balance. An overabundance of one can negate the benefit of the other.

Vitamins containing calcium and magnesium

Calcium goes hand in hand not only with phosphorus. Very often, a deficiency is accompanied by magnesium deficiency. The latter is most contained in vitamin B6. If a person has an acute lack of this mineral, he may have weakness in the whole body, headaches, diseases gastro-intestinal tract and constant stress.

Lack of calcium and magnesium is most often due to the fact that a person neglects meat and dairy products. It is there that there are b vitamins with magnesium. Also, this mineral is a lot in cereals, nuts and dried fruits.

Vitamins containing iron

Most Often, iron in the body is poorly absorbed due to lack of vitamins A and C. These vitamins must be combined with iron to be result. The lack of these substances is usually visible to the naked eye - a person has circles under the eyes, bad hair and nails, painful appearance.

The Largest amount of iron is found in red meat, dried fruits and cereals. Vitamin C in berries, citrus, green onions and red bell peppers. Vitamin A is in apples and carrots. These products should be a firm part of your diet.

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Note that large amounts of calcium washes iron out of the body. Try not to connect these two minerals together.

Vitamins with zinc and selenium

These two elements are essential for maintain normal blood and nervous systems, sensory organs, thyroid and male health. Vitamins containing zinc and selenium at the same time are often sold in pharmacies. They are also closely related to the levels of silicon and iron in the body.

In foods selenium and zinc can be found in fruits, berries, lean meat, fish, eggs, rice, dried fruits, legumes and vegetables.

Vitamins with potassium

In order to function properly cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, brain cells, a person needs vitamins containing potassium. It is usually accompanied by lack and shortage of calcium with magnesium.

Cereals, citrus fruits, bananas, dried fruits, legumes, melons will help to Replenish potassium reserves.

Vitamins that contain manganese

Manganese is an element that is responsible for the growth of the human body, its metabolism and reproductive function. It should be received in a sufficient number of both adults and children.

It is Found in eggs, cereals, nuts and green salad. Its level greatly reduce caffeine, sugar and alcohol.

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