Delicious diet menu for a week for weight loss

Huge selection of Goodies in food supermarkets, sedentary lifestyle, harmful snacks – how can you not get better? If you need to bring your body in order, it is important to make a menu consisting of low-calorie products.

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Self-preparation of the optimal menu may not be easy, so we suggest you read the ready option. This diet allows you to fully meet the body's need for the necessary trace elements and get rid of excess weight. In addition, it is quite tasty and varied.

Menu for the week

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Breakfast: boiled egg, tea with honey.
Second Breakfast: drink from chicory, salad from cucumbers and greenery, seasoned yogurt.
Lunch: buckwheat porridge, stewed fish, tomato soup (gazpacho), compote with cinnamon.
afternoon Snack: dried fruits, tea with Jasmine.
Dinner: chicken Soup, kefir.

Pay attention! Observe the diet. This will improve the digestion and accelerate the metabolism.


Breakfast: carrot juice, omelet.
Second Breakfast: grapefruit, tea with mint.
Lunch: cauliflower casserole with ground beef, tomato and cabbage salad with natural yogurt, mineral water.
afternoon Snack: Apple compote with cinnamon, 5-8 almond nuts.
Dinner: cottage cheese, vegetable cutting, herbal tea.


Breakfast: oatmeal porridge, tea with honey.
Second Breakfast: berry juice, several nuts.
Lunch: baked chicken breast with herbs, barley porridge, mineral water.
afternoon Snack: grapefruit.
Dinner: rassolnik, natural yoghurt.


Breakfast: cottage cheese with fresh berries, green tea.
Second Breakfast: natural yogurt.
Lunch: boiled hake, rice, green leaf salad, mineral water.
afternoon Snack: meat souffle, kissel.
Dinner: a glass of kefir with cinnamon, vegetable slicing.


Breakfast: omelet, Apple juice.
Second Breakfast: orange, nuts.
Lunch: tea and Pollock baked with cauliflower.
afternoon Snack: meat broth.
Dinner: cottage cheese casserole, herbal tea.


Breakfast: barley porridge on water, berry juice.
Second Breakfast: natural yogurt, vegetable slicing.
Lunch: baked Turkey, seaweed salad, kissel.

Dinner: vinaigrette, kefir


Breakfast: millet porridge on water, skim milk.
Second Breakfast: kiwi fruit, a few nuts.
Lunch: squid boiled, vegetable sauté.
afternoon Snack: cottage cheese casserole, tomato juice.
Dinner: yogurt and fish cakes, steamed.

Reverse Attention! Do not add sauces, butter and sugar to porridge. It is recommended to add a few twigs of greenery.

This menu will help not only to improve the figure, but also to improve health. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to play sports.

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