Deadlift: technique, nuances, errors

One of the basic exercises for muscle growth is considered to be deadlift. And this is not surprising, because it involves most of the muscles of the body, forcing them to work actively. To get the maximum efficiency from deadlift, you need to study in detail the technique of execution, as well as frequent errors that will help beginners to eliminate them.

What muscles work?

Classical performance exercise leads to pressure muscle:

  • backs – actively involved extensors of the spine, including the lumbar region, in addition, the broadest back muscles function;
  • glutes and leg muscles – involves the biceps of thighs, quadriceps and large buttocks;
  • forearms and hands – on them account for the additional burden;
  • trapezius muscles and abs – function indirectly, keep the balance when performing the exercise.

Up to 70% of the muscles of the human body are involved in Deadlift.

Deadlift Use

Useful properties of deadlift are obvious:

  • works on several muscle groups at the same time (trains the back, hips, arms, buttocks);
  • if you increase the weight, increase the growth of muscle masses;
  • prevention of diseases associated with the back (occurs by strengthening the back muscles);
  • requires large energy costs, so may well lead to weight loss.

Thus, deadlift, if the technique is correct, is extremely useful for the human body. Exercise helps to increase endurance, strengthens muscles, gives strength.

Technique of execution

Must be taken the correct starting position, because it, in particular, depends on the effectiveness of the exercise. You need to stand back to the bar, put your feet shoulder width apart, the feet should slightly protrude beyond the level of the neck. Keep your back straight, keep your shoulder blades together, your eyes on the ceiling. Bend your legs in the knee joint and take the bar with a straight grip. Hands on the neck are placed slightly wider than the shoulders.

Deadlift Technique:

  1. take a Deep breath. Then during exhale slowly to raise the bar, straightening his legs at the knees. At the maximum point they should be on the same line with the body.
  2. Lower the bar down. The vulture should walk vertically. The back should not bend, the shoulder blades remain flattened.
  3. When crossing the level of the knees, you need to sit down and touch the floor with pancakes.

The exercise should be strictly on this technique. V otherwise, you should not expect a good result. If you do not follow the correct technique, the negative impact of deadlift on the back is not excluded. Exercise can be traumatic.

Note! Ideally, for one approach it is necessary to do 6-8 repetitions. Do not try to perform the exercise if the strength is running out. Its effectiveness no longer depends on the quantity, but on the quality of performance.

Types of Stanovoi thrust

Several types of this exercise are Known:

  • classic – performed with a barbell;
  • "dead" pull (Romanian) – is done with the rod provided straightened legs;
  • Elevator – "sumo" - performed with legs wide apart;
  • deadlift with strap-rod.

In General, deadlift of any kind is performed according to a certain technique. However, each of varieties have their own characteristics that distinguish it from others.

Note! When performing the deadlift in the classic version less of a burden falls on the buttocks and back of thighs. This option is more suitable for men. As for deadlift, it is more often chosen by women.

Classic deadlift

Above described in detail the technique of the classic type of deadlift. Exercise in this performance suitable for people who want to achieve an athletic build, as well as build muscle. In the classical type of deadlift, almost all muscle groups take part in the work, and the load is distributed relatively evenly.

Classic deadlift is a basic exercise in powerlifting. Athletes who are engaged in fitness and bodybuilding, include it in the training program in order to strengthen the muscles backs.

Elevator - "sumo"

This kind of deadlift is also one of the main exercises for people involved in powerlifting. The difference from the classic look is the position of the legs. If in the first case they are put on the width of the shoulders, the Elevator deadlift involves a greater distance between the feet.

If an athlete performs an exercise with legs wide apart, he it is easier to raise the maximum weight, which is due to the reduction of the amplitude of movements. However, the load on certain types of muscles is reduced.

"Dead" pull

In another exercise called Romanian deadlifts. It is performed with slightly bent or completely straight legs. Due to such peculiarities of the position of the body "dead" traction is considered to be more purposeful when compared with a classic look.

When performing Romanian traction, the main load is transferred to the back of the thigh. At the same time, the back muscles are less active. Athletes involved in powerlifting and athletes, whose interest is directed to a lot of weight, do not pay attention to the "dead" traction, preferring other types of exercise. After all, to raise the maximum weight with smooth or slightly bent legs will not be possible.

Deadlift with trip-rod

The Main difference of this type of deadlift is the use of a trap rod as a weighting device. In appearance, this inventory resembles a hexagonal frame with handles that are parallel to each other. TREP-rod is actively used in fitness and bodybuilding. It is believed that it is more secure than the usual rod with a straight neck.

When you perform a deadlift with the trap-rod the loin muscles receive minimal stress. Therefore, this type of equipment is often used by athletes who have injuries in the past, after which there is no opportunity to engage with a conventional barbell.

Note! For weightlifters, the TREP rod is not suitable, because it is not able to give the necessary them strain.

Typical mistakes newcomers

Beginners often make mistakes when performing deadlift. And, at the majority of beginning athletes they are similar.

Typical errors made by beginners when performing deadlift are described In detail below.

Bad stretching

Before performing any exercise, a warm-up is required to help warm up the muscles. Stretching is its constant element. It helps to stretch the muscles to avoid injury.

Not every novice knows that a bad stretch is the cause of incorrect technique of performing the deadlift. Moreover, this applies to any kind of exercise.

Basic ways stretching:

  • tilts with straight arms, reaching hands to the floor;
  • getting hands feet, sitting on the Mat;
  • simulation twine and so on.

With regular stretching exercises, you will be able to reduce the likelihood of injury during deadlift.

Dramatic weight gain

When Trying to strengthen the result, the athlete increases the weight. However, some then notice their own mistakes in the technique of the exercise. For example, the back is rounded, and at the maximum point of lifting the bar most strained thoracic spine. In that case weight gain will not lead to better results. After all, the technique is broken.

The Consequences can be pain in the back or chest, with a further increase in the weight of the injury become more serious. The main mistake lies in the rapid labeling of pancakes. It is important to increase the weight gradually, so that the body has time to get used to the loads, and the technique did not suffer. For example, if the deadlift is easy, you can increase the weight of each lesson to 10 kg, but when you feel the weight, enough add only 2.5 kg. it is Better to go to the target for a long time, but persistently, and not by numerous injuries with which it is impossible to get the desired result.

Frequent training

Daily training will not benefit, but only worsen the condition of the athlete. Muscles need rest, so constantly expose them to stress is not necessary. The best option for a beginner is to study 1 time a week. In the future, when the body gets used to e loads, you can increase the frequency of training up to 2-3 times a week.

In Order not to overload the muscles, you can alternate the types of exercises. For example, in the first approach to perform a classic, and the second - Romanian. Or make one come up with dumbbells instead of a barbell.

Sudden movements and wrong breathing

Smoothness of movement is one of the main conditions for any exercise. Jerks are fraught with injuries. It is important to perform smoothly as lifting the bar and lowering it. The muscles need to work and not break.

Proper breathing is equally important and also affects the end result. On the exhale is the rise and the inhale and lowering the rod. There should be no delay in breathing when performing deadlift.

Video: deadlift technique

Deadlift Technique is clearly displayed on the video.

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