Dash diet for hypertensive – menu, reviews

the Dash Diet, developed by American nutritionists, helps not only to get rid of excess weight, but also, above all, is useful for people suffering from hypertension. The authors of the diet are experienced professionals who claim that thanks to this system, you can easily lose excess weight. Also in its diet there are products containing potassium, calcium, protein, and vegetable fibers, and, as you know, these substances lower the arterial pressure.

dash diet

You need to use the system Dash

Us Developers recommend the following foods:

  • Vegetables and vegetable juices – several servings per day. Should give preference fruits green. The volume of each portion should not exceed 1 Cup.
  • Fruits – similarly, up to 4-5 servings. At one time allowed to use 1 fruit, half a Cup of juice or a quarter Cup of dried fruit.
  • Whole grains – 7-8 servings per day, the portion size should be equal to a piece of bread.
  • low-Fat food containing proteins. This and fish, and meat, eggs and bird. Daily total volume – up to 200 g.
  • Beans and nuts – 4 servings a week.
  • skim Milk and dairy products. Couple servings a day.
  • Fats (vegetable oil, margarine) – 1 teaspoon per day.
  • Liquid – no more than 2 liters per day. Alcohol is allowed (a couple of glasses of cognac or one glass of wine).

On average, fully fulfilling the conditions of the dash diet, the caloric content of the diet will be 1800-2000 kcal.

Sample menu

  • Morning: a glass of Apple juice, 150 ml of milk, bread with cottage cheese and whole grain flakes.
  • Noon: sandwich with chicken breast, tomato and lettuce.
  • Day: pasta with tomato sauce and Basil, low-fat hard cheese and vegetable salad.

Bananas and fresh fruit juice can be used as snacks.

dash diet

The Main goal of Dash diet is "not to lose 15 kg in 10 days", but first of all to normalize blood pressure. If we analyze the diet, we can conclude that there are no prohibited products and the diet can be observed for a long time.


Marina, 30 years. Excellent therapeutic diet, helps to cope with the pressure, and the weight gradually goes away.

Olga, 26 years. Menu is good, balanced. The week took off 4 kg.

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