Dancing for weight loss: 5 the most effective dances

Dances useful for the figure, it will not be denied even the most inveterate sceptic. Of course, first of all we are talking about the activity and, as a consequence, fat burning, but the pros do not end there! Still produced plasticity and grace of movement, and a good stretch is not exactly superfluous for any woman.

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Only here is offenders dances such many, that however, tangled. What to do with the maximum benefit for the figure? What trainings to give preference and how often to be engaged?

We chose 5 dances, for which body will tell you "thank you."

Belly Dance and other Oriental dances

One of the most attractive and mysterious dance will help strengthen the abdominal muscles and hips, but its main advantage – in giving the figure of femininity. Smooth movements and relaxed "shakes" help to form a greater contrast between the waist and hips.

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Very useful exercise to develop flexibility and grace.

In terms of health – stimulate metabolism and improve blood circulation in the pelvic area, revitalizing female organs.


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Incendiary and passionate dance is just perfect if you want to get rid of the fat in the upper body: on the hands, neck, in the axillary hollow. All muscle groups of the torso and arms are strengthened, the oval of the face is tightened. Feet acquire a perfect shape, and calf gain alluring terrain.

Hip-hop, R'n'b and break dance

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Favorite youth dances require enormous amounts of energy required, therefore, to find a fat hip-hopera is simply unrealistic. With the help of such training, fat is perfectly burned, the respiratory-pulmonary system is developed, all muscle groups are strengthened. What you need if you need to lose weight as soon as possible.

Irish dancing

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When you look at the feet of the Irish dancers, they merge into a continuous blur. It is impossible to understand how, moving at this speed, the limbs are not tied in a pigtail. However, it is this speed and clarity of movement – a direct path to the effective giving the legs flawless forms. They do not just burn fat, but also pumped up the muscles, giving spectacular relief, cellulite will disappear and the skin will tighten. And since you can not lose weight in only one place – get rid of extra inches will be on the whole body.

Latin American dancing

You Can choose a specific type: Mamba, salsa, Rumba, cha-cha-cha, Jive, bachata – and you can resort to comprehensive Latin classes, which are now held in any fitness center. By the way, this popularity is just provided by the huge benefits of training for figures.

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Like belly dancing, Latin dances form a feminine figure, strengthen the hips and buttocks, burn fat at the waist. The energy of movements burns a huge amount of fat, so you can achieve a noticeable result quite quickly.

In Addition to the obvious benefits for the figure and sense of self, dancing is also good because it raises the mood better video with seals. Hormones of joy are produced throughout the workout and after it. The main thing, considering dancing as a training for weight loss, to observe regularity and engage in at least 3 times a week.

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