Daily protein intake: how to calculate the daily protein intake of an athlete and an ordinary person?

Protein – an important "building material" of the human body, along with carbohydrates and fats involved in the functioning of the cells of the body.  Proteins are largely responsible for the formation of human muscle structure and are responsible for the General condition of the body.

Daily protein intake for human

What is the daily rate of protein for humans

Protein Deficiency leads to serious health problems:

  • reduced immunity;
  • hair loss (hair loss);
  • brittle nail plates;
  • delay of menstrual period in women;
  • poor digestibility of vitamins;
  • liver and kidney diseases.

Note! Learn about the composition of vitamins in the body can be based on the analysis of urine.

Daily protein Count is very important for those who care about their body shape and overall health.

What to consider when determining the daily value squirrel?

  1. the Average rate for an adult is 40 g of protein. In this case, the substance is contained not only in plant but also in animal food. It is desirable to combine in the diet and vegetable and animal protein. Not critical, if the protein is a little less, then there is nothing wrong. If it exceeds the permissible limit, it simply will not be absorbed by the body and will come out with the urine.
  2. The calculation of the daily value should focus on by-products formed by the absorption of protein.  For example, ketone bodies, the excess of which entails liver problems. So, if you feel a taste of acetone or unpleasant gas, reconsider the diet in favor of reducing protein products.
  3. the Maximum proportion of absorption of this substance at one meal is 30 g. This volume can be obtained by consuming chicken Breasts, cottage cheese or eggs.
  4. Digestibility is the merit of the gastrointestinal tract human body. And if you have problems with the intestine, the substance will not be absorbed in full.

Note! Good digestibility of protein are the following indicators: plant – 70%, animal – 90%.

Daily value of protein: calculation

Before to determine an individual daily norm of protein, you need to know the "ideal" mass of your body. A ready-made formula will help us with this Broca:

  • Growth below 165 cm, subtract 100.
  • Increase to 175 cm, subtract 105.
  • the people who are taller than 175 cm, subtract 110.

The Resulting figure and will be the ideal weight according to height.

What is the daily rate of protein for humans

When calculating the daily weight of protein should be considered:

  • Lack of exercise – 1.2 g multiplied by 1 kg of weight.
  • Exercise 1-2 times a week – 1.6 g multiplied by 1 kg of weight.
  • Workouts from 3 times a week – 2 g multiplied by 1 kg of weight.

Diet leaves its mark when counting protein in a daily serving. So, for life support of an organism during diets need to consume 2 g of protein per 1 kg of ideal body weight. This high rate is due to the high cost of internal resources of the body.

Daily allowance of protein for an athlete

Balanced consumption of this important substance for athletes is the basis of preparation for the competition. On how well the diet will be composed, depends on the set of muscle mass and overall health indicators athlete's.

What is the daily rate of protein for humans

Experts have developed a unified concept for calculating the daily value of the enzyme. It was 2-2.5 g multiplied by the weight of the athlete in kilograms. As a result of simple calculations, the athlete determines the optimal amount of substance for training.

Attention! This technique is developed taking into account the full digestibility of the protein. As mentioned above, the digestive system does not absorb all the substance, which means, calculations require adjustments in accordance with the individual characteristics of the athlete.

An Important point for those who are engaged in active physical activity is the combination of normal food and protein shakes. At the time of heavy workloads, athletes are taking sports nutrition. In this case the ratio in diet should be thus:

  • 70-75% comes from regular food;
  • 25-30% comes from sports additive.

What is the daily rate of protein for humans

For the period of competition proportion of the income of protein in the body can be 50/50%.

Calculate your individual daily protein intake, balance your protein, fat and carbohydrate intake and be healthy!

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