Cucumber fasting day for weight loss, reviews, menu

cucumber fasting dayCucumbers are low-calorie product, contain about 95% liquid, so cucumber fasting day is considered to be very effective for cleansing and slimming.
And in combination with a small amount of fat-containing products (vegetable oil, mayonnaise, sour cream) cucumbers provide a feeling of satiety for several hours.

In Addition, cucumbers very useful. They are a source of minerals and organic acids, dietary fiber.

Discharge Day on cucumbers recommended by dieticians in obesity, hypertension, urine acid diathesis, arthritis, gout, atherosclerosis.

    Cucumber day is held 1-2 days a week, a day you can lose 1-1.5 kg.

There are several options unloading days on cucumbers

1,5 kg of fresh cucumbers, spread on 5 receptions. At lunch and dinner, add 1 egg, cooked hard-boiled.

1 kg of fresh cucumbers and 500 g fresh tomatoes be distributed on 5-6 receptions, and prepare from them a salad with 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. In the evening you can eat 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese.

1.5 kg fresh cucumbers divide into 5 servings and eat during the day. For dinner – eat 50 g of boiled meat or 1 egg (with 2-3 g of table salt).

Cucumber-kefir unloading day
Unloading on kefir-cucumber menu is very effective and can be transferred quite easily. It accelerates metabolism, stimulates the activity of the intestine, kidneys, liver. In short, it brings excellent order in the body.

  • 1.5 liters of one percent fresh kefir and 1.5 kg of fresh green cucumbers. Distribute this amount of food into 6 portions and eat every two hours. Prepare cucumber salad, you can add greens, lemon juice to taste, season with 1% kefir.

Although the overall calorie cucumber-kefir handling of the day – 675 calories, wild feelings of hunger you experience. But self-purification of the body will be successful. And in the morning you Wake up with a feeling of extraordinary lightness throughout the body, without swelling on the face and ankles.

Cucumber-meat unloading day
1 kg of fresh cucumbers and 150 g of boiled lean meat divided into 6 receptions. Can be consumed in every reception and cucumbers, and meat; either alternate between products.

The rest of the time we drink mineral water without gases, 2-3 times a day you can drink unsweetened tea.

Efficiency of any of the cucumber unloading options high enough, and they are relatively easy to carry.

Spend a fasting day better on your day off when physical and mental stress is minimal.

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