Cucumber diet is a quick result in a short time. Cucumber diet rules

Cucumber is not only a useful vegetable, so wonderful decorating our diet in the form of salads and all kinds of cucumber snacks. Few people know that cucumbers have established themselves as an excellent tool for weight loss.Proper cucumber diet is guaranteed to get rid of a few pounds of excess weight, provided that all the necessary conditions have been met recommendations.

Useful properties of cucumbers

Many people know that cucumbers have an unusually low caloric content. For example, 1000 grams of cucumbers account for only 16 calories.Easy digestibility of cucumbers explain 90% of the water content in this tasty and healthy vegetable. In the composition of cucumbers, in addition to water, contains a record number of vitamins in vitamin C,minerals potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other necessary substances to the body. Therefore, doubts about how to lose weight on a cucumber diet and how effective this diet will be are unfounded.

Useful properties of cucumbers are explained by the content of a large amount of insoluble fiber, it has purifying properties, revitalizing the digestive tract.

Diet – guide to action

Regardless of how many kilograms you want to lose during the diet, nutritionists recommend a softer version of the diet on cucumbers. Cucumber diet involves eating a large number of fresh cucumbers, which will only benefit digestion. Also, in addition to cucumbers, the diet should be easily digestible foods rich in minerals and animal proteins. B the quality of the products for the menu are great eggs, lean chicken, cottage cheese, yogurt and fruit.

With such a balanced diet even cucumber diet for 7 days provides excellent results.Following a diet of cucumbers, it is best to eat at least 4-5 times a day.Breakfast should be light, lunch should contain a large amount of protein foods for dinner is better to store more vegetables. After a week with this diet you can easily say goodbye to 4-6 kilograms.

Sample menu for a few days

First Breakfast –light omelet or two eggs, cucumber salad with vegetable oil. As a dessert perfect fruit.

Second Breakfast –a glass of curd or yogurt, Apple or peach.

Lunch - cottage cheese casserole or light vegetable soup from diet chicken, cucumber salad seasoned with vegetable oil.

Afternoon Snack - a glass of yogurt,a pair of sliced fresh cucumbers.

Dinner - low-fat cottage cheese, vegetable salad with vegetable oil.

A couple of hours before bedtime, you can eat one savoury Apple, plum or peach.This diet is subject to the principles of the cucumber diet, the reviews of those who lost weight contain only positive information about how easy they felt after the cucumber diet, gives excellent results.

Many know about diet on cucumbers and have personally seen in its effectiveness. Having tried several ways to lose weight on their own experience, they were desperate to get rid of fat folds in the waist, abdomen and thighs.Supporters cucumber diet leave very good reviews about it.As a result of the survey women who tried to lose weight with a diet of cucumbers,it turned out that the effect becomes noticeable after a few days.Women stop feeling heavy after eating in the stomach,for a week on a cucumber diet you can lose up to five kilograms of excess weight. We recommend you to read favorite diet on 7 days.

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