Cryotherapy in the treatment of cellulite

cryotherapyCryotherapy – cold treatment is quite popular In Europe. This method is used in medicine and cosmetology. Recently, cryotherapy is gaining popularity in Russia.


Let's see how cryotherapy can rid us of cellulite.

Cryolipolysis is a non-contact procedure. A suction Cup is placed on the patient's body, which gradually cools the subcutaneous fat to freezing, without damaging the skin.

Fat Cells, highly sensitive to cold. Intensive freezing causes loss of adipocyte cells, which are involved in the production of adipose tissue. It turns out that the cold gets rid of fat by damaging the cells. Adipocytes gradually die from cold, processed by the lymphatic system at the time of metabolism.

For Many years it was thought that subcutaneous fat should be melted. And now it turned out exactly the opposite of what fat is better to freeze, and he gradually leaves the body.

Cryolipolysis promises to be a very effective method than any of the currently known procedures to defeat cellulite. Most importantly, it will be one of the safest methods, not to mention liposuction.

Studies conducted on volunteers presented a complete absence of side effects when using cryolipolysis. Suckers are invented for the waist and upper thighs. Will soon start the development of a sucker for the belly, inner thighs and knees.

The Biggest drawback in the application of cryolipolysis is that the results will not see immediately. The death and processing of cells by the body takes several months. The procedure of cryolipolysis in the cabin will take about an hour, during which the patient does not have to do anything, except that flipping magazine, or read a book.

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