Crossfit at home – reviews about training, video training program, a set of crossfit exercises for girls, for beginners at home.

Crossfit at homeMost of those who sooner or later come to the conclusion that it is time to do their own figure, as well as health, do not want to spend time and money on long training. According to experts to achieve all at once, and even without putting much effort, it is impossible. However, the recent popularity exercise program called "crossfit" that came to us from Americans.

What is The crossfit direction?

In ordinary language, crossfit training is a system of physical activity, which includes different types of exercises. Mandatory crossfit program involves performing exercises in a strict order and with a certain period of time.

System Advantages

Crossfit complexes have gained Great popularity due to the fact that the system has a number of undeniable advantages. In particular, it is accessibility and effectiveness. Now quite common crossfit competition, which annually takes part in a large number of athletes'.

There are a number of other reasons that are of interest to this type of physical activity.

First of all, there is no need for crossfit equipment. At the initial stage, it is enough to use a rope and dumbbells, many do without them.

At the same time, everyone can deal with the system, and there are no restrictions in choosing a place to study.

Exercises for newcomers

We Propose to consider the most simple exercises crossfit for training beginners. In order to engage in crossfit, the hall can be built in your own home. So, crossfit for beginners includes the following exercises:

  • the first exercise is doing push-UPS. 4 sets of 25 times;
  • the following exercise implies, in the rest position carries the legs to the torso. Should perform 4 sets of 25 times;
  • the third exercise, which is included in the crossfit training program, involves performing squats with a jump. It is also worth doing 4 approaches 25 times;
  • the last exercise involves the performance of work aimed at the press. Indispensably do 4 sets of 25 times pumping the press.

To get visual information, you can do exercises by watching a video from crossfit.

It is Necessary to perform 4 rounds of exercises. Each circle includes one approach to each exercise.

This complex carries a certain meaning. Namely, home crossfit for beginners allows you to start working out muscle groups, then make a burden on the respiratory and cardiac system. But beginners in this system should understand that approaching this type of load without preparation, they should be careful.

Basic rules and principles

Before you start the exercises, you need to learn all the rules and principles of this system. It was then that crossfit is for girls and boys will bring a result.

When you home crossfit, the muscle should not feel gravity. But at the same time you have to get tired more than in other types of training. Muscles and ligaments should be stretched both before and after training. You should not drink a lot of water during the lessons.

It Should be understood that this method of studying at home is very convenient for people who are constantly busy. This will help to keep fit and engage at any time, anywhere where it is convenient. The main thing is to understand the process of training and continue to get excellent results.

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