Crazy beauty secrets of the greatest women of the past

Sometimes it seems that to maintain the beauty of modern women takes too much effort. However, in reality, all our efforts are negligible compared to those of the greatest women of the past centuries.

Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria: mask of raw veal

Most beautiful woman in the 19th century was considered to be Austrian Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria. To keep her skin young, she bathed in olive oil and... slept in a face mask of raw veal.

Elizabeth Of BavariaElizabeth Of Bavaria

Ate Elizabeth is also strange that, apparently, helped her stay slim. She often ate liquid soup from the juice of the medium rare steak or compressed dried chicken. And even with her slender figure, she tightened her waist in a corset so tight that her circumference was only 46 cm.

Elizabeth the First: whitewash from lead

Queen of England Elizabeth the First have tried all my life to meet the standards of beauty. Olive skin, inherited from her mother, she was bleached white from the toxic mixture of lead and vinegar's.

Elizabeth IElizabeth I

Scientists believe that white has played a malicious joke with it, causing poisoning and death. If we can reliably establish whether this was in fact, impossible.

Marie Antoinette: the washing means of pigeons

Marie Antoinette had the reputation of being the first beauty, and she was determined to maintain such status. To do this, every morning the French Queen began with a facial cleanser made of... pigeons. At that time, at the peak of popularity was a cosmetic eau Cosmetique de Pigeon, which, as stated in the advertisement, were stewed pigeons.

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Marie Antoinette indulged in French fashion, summing up the veins with a blue pencil. At that time, French women wanted to be thin enough to "see through". So they used a pencil to draw the veins, trying to convince others that they had transparent skin.

Simonetta Vespucci: poisons and leeches

Even if you don't know the name, you must have seen Simonetta Vespucci's face. She was the Muse of many Renaissance artists. She was even chosen as a model for the goddess of love in the famous painting "the Birth of Venus."

Simonetta VespucciSimonetta Vespucci

In an era Renaissance many wanted look as Simonetta, and because copied its secrets beauty - arsenic, leeches and other horrors. To preserve the pallor of the skin, Simonetta put leeches on his ears. The parasites sucked the blood from her face, leaving him deathly pale. Unwanted vegetation on the body of Simonetta removed arsenic, and then sprinkled the skin with gold dust.

Mary Stuart: bathing in wine

Scottish Queen Mary Stuart was not naturally beautiful, but she was determined to become beautiful. To make her skin " radiant," she made the servants fill her bath with white wine.

mary stuartMary Stuart

It is Worth noting that a similar procedure exists today. It is called wine therapy. Although modern wine therapists do not use ordinary wine containing alcohol, and cake left after the winemaking process.

Lucretia Borgia: hours rinse hair with lye

Lord Byron believed hair Lucretia the most beautiful. Once a poet in love stole a lock of her hair and held it next to the bed. However, Lucrezia herself did not appreciate such a gesture and the case ended with a trial.

Lucrezia BorgiaLucretia Borgia

Lucretia's Hair was famous for its wheat tint and stunning radiance, but it was not a gift of nature. All native girls were brunettes, and she I spent hours rinsing my hair in lye and lemon juice to make it light. Then she dried them all day in the sun.

Hair Care took so much time that Lucrezia had virtually ceased to go anywhere. To this day came numerous letters in which the girl apologizes and warns that he will not be able to arrive on time for the event, as she needs to tidy up the wardrobe and wash her hair.

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Manipulation, which was women of the past, today seem to be strange and frightening. It is worth appreciating that beauty procedures were improved from year to year and we should not resort to the above listed means!

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