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About cosmetic diet, as one of a large number of diets are most suitable to preserve the naturalness and beauty of the female body, was first talked American professionals-nutritionists.

Warning: in contrast to the popular belief that this diet itself is able to create a miracle on the background of the state of the body running overweight, there is a documented fact – an important addition to the diet. Without this Supplement diet is ineffective. We are talking about the recommendations, adhering to which you can achieve the maximum and long-term effect of the cosmetic diet. The authors ascribe beauty diet these associated rules to it, but according to most scientists-dietitians, these recommendations are suitable for continuous practical use for everyone who wants to be slimmer. What is the essence of the rules?

  • Moderation in food, its regime and usefulness, the balance of the composition – major triad, which is to go through life. This postulate leads the body to an ideal state and in a relatively short time.
  • Excessive nutrition leads to the formation of folds of the skin, its sagging, unhealthy appearance. Therefore, avoid high-calorie foods – the rate of sugar consumed per day should not exceed 75-80 grams.
  • energy Costs should be increased – do not deny yourself walk once again on foot or visit fitness club unplanned! Purposeful physical activity will lead to the right result.
  • take your Time to reduce your body weight dramatically – control your weight regularly! The loss should not exceed 1-2 kilograms in one month. Otherwise, the appearance of skin "stretch marks", deterioration of General health, unmotivated fatigue.
  • it is Impossible to reduce the protein composition foods.
  • Should limit intake of excessive salt, get rid of the habit of desalinate food! This will save you from the appearance of edema, the beauty of which will not be added.
  • a Good tradition will be eating one or two tablespoons of vegetable oil, which has a beneficial effect on the skin, improving its appearance.

Ah and now, exactly about cosmetic diet.
Below is the original version. In spite on numerous modifications and additions that have appeared since its creation, initially verified and reasonable cosmetic diet has remained a classic in the circles of specialists-nutritionists.

Cosmetic diet Menu:

Breakfast – 100 grams of fruit juice or any fresh berries, one egg (or equivalent in weight piece of cheese), a slice of lean ham with a piece of toasted bread (50 grams).
Cup of tea or coffee milk.

Second Breakfast – a piece of bread, egg or cheese, salad, fresh or canned fruit (100-150 grams). A Cup of tea or a glass of low-fat kefir.

Lunch – any meat dish, salad with vegetable oil, fruit or fruit salad.

Dinner – a glass of warm milk.

Do Not forget that this diet is quite universal only in the absence of expressed exercise. With active sports or hard work, it is necessary to correct it by a dietitian.

Use diet possible in a limited period of time – two or three times during the week (like unloading days) or the whole week once a month. In any case, it is desirable to consult with an experienced nutritionist – only with his help, you can take into account and adjust the individual characteristics!

Weight Loss will not keep you waiting, and with it will come a good mood, excellent health and inexhaustible vitality!

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