Correctly lose weight in the bath

Not all weight loss products and diets can help restore health. However, many people's favorite bath or sauna - is the best way not only to lose weight, but also to support the body in a healthy and strong condition.

Correctly lose weight in the bathSauna or bath for a long time is a very good and effective way to maintain youth, health and maintain in excellent shape of their weight. Steam room in the bath or sauna helps to drive the slags out of the the body, if you properly approach the issue of weight loss with a bath or sauna. However, to get a positive effect from the bath or sauna, you must follow some recommendations. First of all you need to know that between the bath and sauna there is a big difference. In the bath the temperature rises to sixty degrees with humidity up to eighty-five percent, in the sauna the temperature rises to almost a hundred degrees at a relatively high humidity up to fifteen percent. Accordingly, the time spent in the steam room can be different: in the bath you should not stay in the steam room for more than ten minutes, in the sauna you can extend up to fifteen minutes.

Before you start to lose weight when the help of steam bath and sauna, you should seek the advice of the doctor, as a pair can be contraindicated in high blood pressure, heart disease, hypotensive, and women during the critical days. It is undesirable to visit the steam room for people with high eye pressure and poor blood clotting.

The Main recommendations to be followed for safe and effective weight loss in the bath or sauna:

  • a visit to the baths and saunas should not be less than once a week;
  • the temperature of the steam room should not be above ninety degrees or below – depending on whether it is a bath or sauna;
  • brooms for vaping are best suited lime or birch;
  • do not stay in the steam room for more than fifteen minutes in one go;
  • refuse to immediately dive into the cold pool after the steam room – it's better to just sit for a while;
  • not take a cold shower – the water should be a little warm;
  • after visiting the bath to enhance the result, go for a massage or massage yourself;
  • in the bath should not take alcohol; between partiyami suitable tea with lime.

A week before you start your weight loss treatments, prepare your body and eliminate salt from your diet. Salt delays the withdrawal of fluid from the body and reduces the production of positive result. Also the day before visiting the bath and saunas need to reduce the fluid intake.

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