Contrast shower for cellulite and weight loss

As a prophylactic agent or component of anti-cellulite programs, contrast shower is quite effective. Some people treat it with prejudice because of the discomfort felt during the first procedures. But after the adaptation of the body (by the way, not requiring a lot of time) it gives considerable pleasure.
Contrast shower is extremely useful for our nervous system, promotes preservation of youth and skin beauty.

Boosting immunity through contrast shower is as undeniable as its beneficial effects on blood vessels and nervous system. The temperature difference provides an unattainable charge of vivacity by other methods, excellent training for all vessels, increases the overall tone and skin tone. This is especially valuable during periods of "ferocity" of various infections.

How to start getting benefit from contrast shower

Abandon extremes. Start with temperatures, causing a minimum of discomfort (not hot – and moderately hot water, not cold – and pleasantly cool), gradually the amplitude of temperature changes increases. The procedure is subjected only to the body, the head remains dry. The approximate duration of one temperature exposure is 15 seconds. That is 15 seconds – under hot water, 15 seconds – under cold. Initially perform on three such approach. Gradually, the exposure time of the contrast shower is adjusted to 10-15 minutes.

  • the Main rule of taking a contrast shower: always Start with higher temperatures, ending with low.
After taking a shower

It is Necessary to wipe thoroughly and warm up well. After a shower, do not leave the room immediately.
Shower invigorates, so in the evening it is taken no later than two or three hours before bedtime.

Contrast shower from cellulite and slimming

  • Improving blood circulation stimulates metabolic processes what is needed in the fight against overweight.
  • Effective contrast shower and anti-cellulite. The gluteal area and the abdomen are massaged with a shower jet with circular movements with the distance is about ten centimeters. The legs are massaged in the direction of the top-bottom front, back – bottom-top. The soft (osmotic) pressure of the water jet eliminates all stagnation, causing the lymph to dissolve the slags more intensively, cleaning the skin and subcutaneous layers.

But 100% efficiency of the method will be achieved only in combination with reasonable restrictions in nutrition and physical activity.
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Contrast shower is contraindicated in:

    • pathologies of the heart, blood vessels and blood;
    • cancer pathology;
    • thrombophlebitis (acute).

Contrast shower is Not recommended during seasonal or other exacerbations of chronic pathologies, during menstruation.

But with ESP, neurosis, initial stage of hypertension and some other diseases the effect of contrast shower will be extremely favorable. It should also be remembered that only a doctor can dispel any doubts about the admissibility of the procedure.

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