Constantly want there is: reasons, signs of what disease

Some people, noticing an increase in their appetite, wonder why they always want to eat and what to do with it? It is worth noting that hunger is a natural signal that the stomach is empty. But if you constantly want to eat, even after eating, the reasons for this condition may be different. Hunger, which accompanies the whole day, sometimes indicates health problems or indicates improper eating habits. V in any case, it is necessary to determine the exact cause. Only after its elimination will be able to get rid of the constantly accompanying feeling of hunger.

Food habits

Of Course, a good appetite is great, it indicates no health problems. However, when it appears immediately after a meal, it causes, at least, surprise. Why do you always want to eat and what to do with it? Most often the reason lies in human eating habits.


If person hungry, his brain receives the appropriate signals. However, during thirst, these signals can be false. That is, there is a feeling of hunger, while the body lacks water. Thus, you can eat as much as you want, and the feeling of satiety comes only for a while, and then the appetite comes back again. In this case, it is enough to drink water, and hunger will disappear.

Note! At long deficiency of water in the body may become dehydrated. This condition is very dangerous, so it is important to establish your drinking regime. On average, a person needs to drink about 2 liters of water per day, which applies to both men and women.

Wrong power

If a complete set of nutrients required for the normal functioning of the body enters the bloodstream, the brain receives signals of saturation. Accordingly, when a person eats incorrectly, he wants eat constantly. A balanced diet is considered if it contains a variety of healthy foods.

Thus, it is necessary to carefully calculate the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in food.

Wrong power schedule

With a clear schedule of meals, appetite appears directly at a certain time. If you constantly eat snacks, chew something all day, it can be the reason that you always want to eat.

It is Also not recommended to maintain long intervals between meals. For example, when between lunch and Breakfast for more than 6 hours, the human body begins to produce the hormone ghrelin. It is he who makes the next meal to eat more than normal. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the volume of the stomach and even more appetite.

Note! Scientists have found that the lack of nutritious Breakfast contributes to jumps in blood sugar throughout the day. As a result, people are constantly hungry.


The Reason for the constant presence of hunger is often the wrong way of life. Modern people abuse alcohol, smoke, go to bed late. All this also leads to disruption of the body, including digestive organ.

Wrong sleep mode

People who stay up late and sleep little often want to eat all the time. The fact that the wrong sleep mode helps to change the hormonal background. It is he who provokes a strong appetite.

To get rid of the constant feeling of hunger, it is enough to go to bed at the same time, as well as get up no later than 9.00.


If you constantly want to eat, and this symptom appeared during treatment with medication, they should be considered as the cause. Usually this effect differ contraception medication, steroids, antidepressants, hormonal.

If the drugs are the cause of constant hunger, the state of normalized immediately after their cancellation.

Bad habits

Has Long been known that alcohol triggers the appetite. The same can be said about nicotine and certain types of drugs. They consume energy reserves of the body, resulting in a constant desire to eat.

Note! Despite the well-known opinion that Smoking contributes to weight loss, scientists have proven that nicotine, on the contrary, it causes a strong appetite.


The Cause of hunger, which accompanies constantly, even after eating, can be a normal diet, which is especially important for women. In pursuit of a beautiful body, they are ready to starve for months. And then, when the diet ends, they sincerely do not understand why they constantly want to eat. The fact is that with a shortage of valuable components, the body experiences stress. And then he tries to protect himself from such situations and accumulates energy reserves in the form of fat deposits, which manifests itself in an uncontrolled appetite.

As for the diet period, it is not surprising that the always want eat.


In stressful situations, the body produces cortisol, which the brain tries to reject, forcing the person to eat. In this way, the hypothalamus tries to synthesize serotonin and endorphins, which help him get a pleasant feeling and cope with stress.

In case of prolonged depression, a constant feeling of hunger is present for a long time time.


Sometimes the causes of constant hunger are quite serious and require medical intervention. Such a symptom may indicate the development of the disease in the human body.

Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is an active production of insulin, which contributes to the accumulation of fat. It is formed as a result of the conversion of glucose into glycogen. This is the reason that constantly I'm hungry. The body and thereby calls for new calories.


Many cause constant hunger shall be a violation of the functioning of the thyroid gland. This organ is responsible for metabolism and hormone production. In violation of its work is often accelerated metabolism, which in turn causes appetite.


In another way this disease is called overeating. However, it is worth noting that it is not a separate disease, and develops a second time, after other ailments. The human body is constantly asking for new portions of food. Cope with uncontrolled hunger does not work on their own, need the help of specialists.


This disease is dangerous and often ends in coma. The sign of the disease is the drop in blood glucose to the level of 55 mg/DL (3.0 mmol/l). In addition, there are the following symptoms:

  • weakness in the whole body;
  • strong appetite;
  • nausea.

In the event of such signs, it is necessary to consult a doctor in a timely manner.


At this disease in man is accompanied by constant feeling of hunger. There were even cases of round-the-clock eating. Such a disease is diagnosed in people who have long exhausted themselves with rigid diets, and then suddenly they broke down and ate. This provokes a sense of guilt and they start to induce vomiting or use another way to remove food from the body. In the end I want to eat.


This disease is quite rare and it is associated with mental health. As a rule, this disease is hard to treat, and sometimes does not respond to therapy. Patients are usually hospitalized. The cause of the disease is a violation of the work of the brain, responsible for saturation. A person consumes food, but continues to feel hunger.


Another rare disease that is less common than akoria. In the human brain, blood circulation is disturbed, which leads to a constant feeling of hunger. Adequate treatment is still unknown.

Causes a constant feeling of hunger in women

Women are constantly wanting to eat, not only after a diet, but for very explainable reasons, not dependent on their behavior:

  • PMS – during PMS not only jumps mood, but also increases appetite, which will be explained by a powerful hormonal surge in the body;
  • pregnancy – the fact that during pregnancy women have increased appetite, everyone knows, because she now has to eat for two;
  • taking contraceptives – because contraceptives on a hormonal basis, this often causes an increase in appetite.

If pregnancy and PMS you just need to wait, in case of reception of contraceptives should consult a gynecologist. A qualified doctor will help you choose contraceptive pills that are suitable for a particular body and will not cause a side effect in the form of increased appetite.

Reasons constant hunger in men

There are exactly "male" causes increase appetite:

  • increased physical activity – the body expends a lot of energy and therefore tries to make up for the lack of food;
  • male disease – to these diseases are prostatitis, Cabernet, impotence, paraphimosis, vesiculitis, andropause, orchitis.

Constant hunger in children

Most Often, constant hunger in children is associated with a period of growth of the body. This process is quite natural and indicates the absence of health problems. But sometimes the child is constantly chewing something, and the weight remains below normal. In such cases, it is worth considering. Most often the cause lies in parasites, because children do not follow the rules of hygiene. If the doctor diagnoses the disease, worms need to get rid of. Perhaps the appetite will decrease, but the weight will begin to increase.

Note! The cause of constant hunger in adults can also be worms.

Sometimes in children increased appetite due to psychological trauma.

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