Constant dissatisfaction with your own body: the main reasons

Self-Improvement is fine. It is this pull that makes us achieve results and become better. This principle works in relation to appearance.

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However, many women that they did, still dissatisfied with her body. Let's understand the causes of this phenomenon in order to accept ourselves and become more harmonious personality.

The Main reasons for the dislike of private body

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Come from childhood

It is very easy to sow self-doubt in a child. Harmless remark grandpa about chubby cheeks granddaughter can engender in a child anxiety and later these complexes. Add to this the ridicule of classmates and unrequited first love – and the remnants of respect for their own appearance will evaporate.

Obsessive advertising

Manufacturers of cosmetics and care products are not profitable for us to consider our appearance ideal. After all, women who are confident, it is difficult to sell a large number of products. Advertising literally broadcasts that in your body and its functions something is wrong: sweat, "orange peel" , etc.

Love not adopted

In our culture, love for one's own body is not encouraged. With friends we used to complain about the shortcomings of your hips/legs/waist. Subconscious attitudes, beliefs and prejudices block the love for your body.

4 steps to reconciliation with your body

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To change "relationship" with the body in a better way, consider the following tips:

1. Look carefully at all parts of your body and focus on what you like. It can be a graceful neck, flat stomach or long legs. Often admire the beauty of your body.

2. Pamper yourself with useful procedures that bring pleasure. For example, chocolate wrap, a trip to the sauna, yoga or massage with aromatic oil.

3. Learn to dress properly. Choosing clothes, focus on the advantages of your figure, and the shortcomings of competently hide.

4. Realize that there are no standards of beauty. Each person has its own highlight. If you are not satisfied with something in your body, it is not a reason not to love it.

Many problems arise because of lack of love to yourself and your own body. Therefore, it is important to gradually change your attitude to myself.

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