Conscious harmony

Diet for those who are ready for weight loss to change themselves. For those who have long been trying to lose weight and is almost desperate.
Plus diets: changed, you don't gain back the extra pounds.
Minus – there are no specific recipes, fast results should not be expected.

Diet Author Elsie Birkinshaw offers her dietary concept, which is partly based on self-hypnosis. Keywords techniques that you should repeat as much as possible more often:

"it Is very easy and pleasant to get rid of kilograms".

When a woman tries to lose weight for a long time, but it does not work, she can be sure that she is not capable of anything, ceases to respect herself, there is a vicious circle: she eats when she feels unhappy, and she feels unhappy because she can not lose weight.

According to the author diet, weight loss begins in the mind.
In order not just to lose weight, but lose weight forever, you need to understand the causes of excess weight.

E. Birkinshaw claims to help in this simple psychological tricks that should be done 3 weeks.

Know thyself – a method that should help to understand why we eat a lot, the most common habits that contribute to weight gain:

False appetite – desire to eat something else after abundant food,
the habit of eating quickly, without having to feel the taste of food,
chew in front of the TV, behind a book or in bed,
snack always when you are alone,
to eat your feelings,
eating sweets instead of useful substances, vitamins and mineral salts, the lack of which signals the body.

Stop blaming yourself – it is absolutely useless, just accept yourself like you is, in order that they might change.
In addition, the diet's author recommends to get rid of feelings of hatred and revenge to others.

Set a goal – best record your weight on a piece of paper that hide and store up to achieve the goal.

"I am the most charming and attractive", "I like myself" – self-hypnosis, which must be repeated every day in front of the mirror to change the subconscious.

Relaxation Exercise

Sit cross-legged and place your hands on your knees palms up.
Take three deep breaths.
Then, with your eyes open, strain your arm muscles and slowly relax after a pause.
Slowly tighten and relax, after a pause muscles on the forehead and around the eyes.
Do the same with the muscles around the mouth and chewing.
Then the muscles of the shoulder and back, and so on to the toes.
Repeat all this with your eyes closed.

Together with the execution of these methods is recommended change diet:

Snacks between main meals should include not carbohydrates and sweets, but proteins – egg, cheese, meat,
more vitamins with each intake food,
if you can not get rid of the habit of something to chew, take, for example, carrots, parsley or hard cheese,
to provide the body with vitamins and mineral salts, use sprouted grain. Also, it is recommended additional intake of multivitamins
consumption of sugar and alcohol is strictly limited.

The Result of the work must be reconciliation with him:
you allow your body to receive what it is wants, not limiting, and he "does not require" you to absorb sweets and fatty foods in large quantities and "does not resist" your efforts to lose weight.
You lose weight easily and achieve ideal weight without hungry diets.

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