Cold and warm tuna salads: simple recipes, photos, detailed description of the cooking steps

Many people today are obsessed with tasty and healthy food, so fish dishes are very popular. You can cook everything from seafood: delicious delicacies, unpretentious food, light snacks that can decorate the festive table. Using the same fish fresh or canned, experienced chefs are able to fully serve lunch or dinner, serving hot dishes, salads, sauce, soufflés, pates and even risotto. They rarely share their secrets, so so valuable some of their advice. Experienced Housewives can always take them on Board and significantly expand the diet of his family. It will be about how to whip up a tuna salad, using products that are always at hand.

Which tuna to choose: fresh or canned?

Tuna – ocean fish, it is widespread in subtropical and tropical areas, so on Russian counters fresh carcasses of find quite difficult. Basically this genus of the family mackerel sold in canned form. But there is no need to be upset about this. Experts say that the nutritional value of tuna from banks is not inferior to the fresh product. It retains the full amount of saturated fatty acids omega 3 and 6. They are valuable because they help our cardiovascular system to work better.

Tuna Meat is high in protein, it has vitamins A, E, PP, B (1,2,6,9). Besides this it is rich in trace elements, which are often lacking in our body. The caloric content of the described fish is also low, for example, tuna salad in its own juice (100 g), contains only 150 Kcal. If we abandon the canned food in oil, perfect to hold, even using the strict diet. Very useful warm salad of fresh tuna, the recipe for its preparation is quite simple.

Warm salad with fresh tuna

For preparations we will need the following ingredients:

  1. a Pound of fresh fish fillet.
  2. Head of lettuce "iceberg".
  3. One bunch of red radish.
  4. Medium sized ginger root.
  5. Bunch of green onions.
  6. Six tablespoons rice vinegar.
  7. Three tablespoons of Japanese wine.
  8. Two tablespoons soy sauce, sesame seeds, vegetable oil.
  9. Teaspoon wasabi.

Warm tuna salad is prepared as follows:

First, in a large bowl, make sauce. Rice vinegar, Japanese wine, soy sauce, vegetable oil are mixed, wasabi is added. Next, the leaves of the "Iceberg"are laid out in portions on flat plates. Beautiful straw cut green onions, red radish circles, ginger rubbed on a grater.

Next step – put the pan on the fire, pour the sesame seeds into it and fry them until the seeds become Golden. Hot sesame is poured into a separate plate, a small amount of vegetable oil is poured into the pan. The fire increases to a maximum, ginger is fried and immediately placed in portions cut fish fillet. It should be lightly browned on the outside and left damp on the inside.

Last stage. Pour the cooked sauce into the pan with the fish, mix everything thoroughly, remove from heat and spread on a La carte plates. On top of the warm tuna salads sprinkled with rings of green onions, radishes and sesame seeds.

Simple tuna salad canned recipe with photo

Cooking from canned food is easier simple. Here is the most uncomplicated recipe. Open the jar in your own juice, transfer the contents into a deep salad bowl and mash the fish with a fork. Add to the resulting mass one medium onion, cut into thin slices, one tomato, diced and cilantro. All mix gently and season with salt and pepper. Put the bowl in the refrigerator. In fifteen minutes the salad will be ready, the tuna in it will be very tender. Boiled eggs, cut into slices, decorate the dishes and set it off taste.

Delicious tuna salad with beans recipe and detailed description of cooking method

The ingredients:

  • green Beans (250 gr)
  • a Can of tuna in its own juice.
  • feta Cheese (100 g).
  • Olive oil, lemon juice, salt, spices to taste.

throw the Beans into boiling water and blanch it slightly. Open a can of tuna in own juice, pour the brine, pour the fish into a bowl, put the beans in it, add the cheese, diced, season the salad with lemon juice, mixed with oil and spices, mix everything thoroughly and serve with sliced white bread.

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