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Coding for obesityWhat is weight loss by coding? Some people believe that this is the notorious "25 frame". Others refer to this technique quite patented methods, such as Erickson's hypnosis, group therapy, and reframing. However, simple losing weight from psychological discussions, usually, does not become easier. Literally and figuratively. Not all "coding" methods for treating obesity are safe and effective.

What is obesity coding?
Strictly speaking, in psychotherapy there is a steady expression "coding from alcoholism". It is understood the totality of the psychological impact and chemical blockade, that is, medical treatment. In relation to extra pounds, such techniques are not used. The term "coding for weight loss" is not generally accepted.

Usually under him understand:

  • auto-suggestion, self-hypnosis for weight loss;
  • NLP reframing;
  • cognitive therapy;
  • hypnotherapy;
  • placebo unclear "dancing with a tambourine", whose main purpose is to convince people that now it is encoded, and bread on the night he was not afraid.

Sometimes to the methods of coding mistakenly attributed the "Golden needle". Actually, the earring really is sometimes seen as an anchor for the mind and a reminder that it would be nice to "quit" overeating. But, unlike many other methods, "needle" is patented as a form of acupuncture and recognized as an independent aid for weight loss.

What types of coding for weight loss are effective

Strictly speaking, works well only cognitive therapy, hypnosis have a professional and literate NLP-reframing. Statistics according to the methods, but usually the therapists do manage convince your patients that diet is not such a dull and hopeless occupation.

As, again diet? That's right, most "encoders" directly say that their treatment is auxiliary. It will make the patient correctly prioritize, and realize that miracles in the form of rapid metabolism and "invisible" physical activity, unfortunately, does not happen.

The following signs will help you to Know the "right doctor":

  • he has a diploma of medical University, ideally – wrote and defended his thesis on his methodology;
  • he worked in ordinary state psychoneurological dispensaries prior to the opening of the "coder", no "centers of alternative approach to health" is not suitable;
  • he is not a follower of the newfangled "schools of life", cosmoenergy courses and a member of the self-proclaimed academies.

Simply put, if you decide to get professional help "from overeating" – go to a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist.

What kinds of coding can be dangerous

Not too many fans to play in religion often attract new adherents of the sect that is a promise solve all problems. If one ad you are promised and from obesity with the help of coding to cure and to "remove monetary unit" with the crown of celibacy, it can be not just funny quacks, and the real sect.

If you are looking for something esoteric, try the do yoga in serious school yoga. It will work better on your mind and your body. And most people's nutrition is normalized, which is an established science fact.

Is that the rough external influence disrupts the already delicate balance of the psyche, especially if the person is impressionable, emotional nature. In no case should not be different "ecologically" manipulation, if you have symptoms of bulimia or anorexia or you are used to seizing stress, sadness, pain, and other emotions.

In any case, remember that almost every "encoder" will eventually put you on diet. So why not do auto-suggestion and try to adjust proper diet for weight loss right today. Say to yourself: "I am a slender beauty, and eat fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and porridge." Tell me, and do it at last.

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