Cocktails with kefir, recipes for weight loss and health

About the numerous useful properties of kefir known since ancient times. Because it is very easily absorbed by the body, kefir recommended for children, the elderly, and those who are recovering from a long illness. This product helps even with chronic fatigue, so widespread in our rapid time.
Smoothies with yogurtKefir has a mild calming effect, helps to normalize sleep. Low-fat kefir, having a light diuretic effect is an integral part of many diets (see Kefir diets). With it, you can easily lose weight. Kefir contains one of the highest concentrations of calcium and phosphorus, which helps to strengthen bones, teeth and nails, and these substances are involved in the construction of brain cells and help to normalize metabolism in the body. It helps us to stay beautiful for a long time, maintaining a good complexion and muscle tone. Also, kefir is involved in the purification of blood vessels and saves them from cholesterol plaques.

Kefir is good for health, both in its pure form and in combination with other products. Consider the recipes of simple kefir cocktails, which are not only very useful, but also perfect for hot weather, as well cool the body from the inside.

"Kefir fresh"cocktail Recipe

It is Necessary to take:

250 ml carrot fresh
250 ml of kefir
250 ml tomato juice
slice of lemon
salt, pepper, garlic taste

Preparation of "Kefir fresh"cocktail:

Mix yogurt with carrot and tomato juice, chill everything in the refrigerator and serve in tall glasses with a slice of lemon, and salt and pepper to taste. For a more piquant taste, you can add a little crushed garlic.

Cocktail "Kefir with berries"

It is Necessary to take:

100 ml kefir
100 ml of mineral water
50 g any fresh berries
1 teaspoon honey

Cocktail "Yogurt with berries":

A Tall glass to fill halfway with yogurt, here also refill mineral water, stir well. Add berries and a little ceiling, to give the drink color. Then add a teaspoon of honey.

Cocktail "Kefir smoothies"

It is Necessary to take:

200 ml kefir
1 banana
some strawberries
1 tsp honey
2 g cinnamon

How to make kefir smoothie cocktail:

Mix kefir, banana, strawberry and honey in a blender until smooth populace. Pour the mixture into a glass and sprinkle with cinnamon.

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