Cocktails for the immune system, vitamin drinks for health

Having caught a Cold, we start drinking cranberry juice and hot tea with lemon in liters. Unfortunately, at this time such measures are often already useless. Immunity must be strengthened in advance! Therefore, without delay, starting from today, choose a delicious cocktail cough according to your taste.

Try to analyze how much and what you drink during the day. Most likely, this fragrant morning coffee, afternoon – tea, water from the cooler or soda, in the evening – tea and cookies. Yes, tea or coffee can help to cheer up, but the amount of vitamins obtained in this case is minimal. If you often get sick, you should think about immunity.

Scientists have long been proven that the formation of immunity, responsible for the body's ability to resist viruses, promotes not only vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and the three main antioxidants. Such antioxidants are vitamins E, A (beta-carotene) and C.

Prepare drinks from the foods that contain these vitamins. Such drinks will have a good anti-cold effect. These include fruit teas, milkshakes, vitamin infusions, fruit drinks, fresh juices.

Fresh Juices (fresh juices) to strengthen immunity

Many of us in the summer time lean on berries and fruits, thinking, that will be able thus stock up on vitamins on a host year. Alas, but for the whole year they will not be sated, after 2-6 weeks from the nutrients accumulated in the body from the use of berries and the fruit, there's practically nothing left. To maintain the body in good shape, it is necessary to regularly saturate it with vitamins. Train yourself to use fresh juices. This does not mean that it is necessary to "sit down" on the juice diet, as it can give complications to the stomach and kidneys, just use periodically fresh juice after a meal. Try to eat a variety of juices, not only the usual useful carrot and orange, even though they are leaders in the content of beta-carotene and ascorbic acid.

Prepare juices from frozen strawberries, sea buckthorn and currants, fresh cranberries, cranberries and Rowan. For sweets add honey, for greater good – juice lemon.

Should remember and about vegetable juices. Some of these fresh juices, in addition to the fact that they contain a large amount of vitamins and antioxidants necessary for immunity, unlike sour fruit and berry juices, do not irritate the mucous membrane since they have a neutral pH.
For example, putting in the juicer pieces Apple, bell pepper and pumpkins, you will get a natural complex of vitamins and minerals. The juice from white cabbage and has a beautiful, cough effect. This juice can be combined with herbs, Apple or lemon zest.

Important. Despite the fact that the juices have truly life-giving properties, and are just a storehouse of nutrients, you need to remember about the rules of their application:

  • For example, any acidic juices can not be used for gastritis with high acidity and gastric ulcer, tomato juice must be carefully used when gallstones, carrot – diabetes.
  • need to be Careful with the juices of spinach, sorrel, beet, they aggressively affect the entire gastrointestinal tract and can cause stone formation in the kidneys.
  • Very sweet and sour juices are better diluted with water.

Hydromel - "living water"?

Many nutritionists today advise their patients to drink "hydromel", considering it at the same time almost a panacea for all diseases. This drink, of course, will not save you from all diseases, but it can protect you from frequent colds, since it consists of only useful components combined in the right proportions – honey, lemon juice and water.

How prepare hydromel:

Pour a glass of drinking water (water temperature is not higher than 40 degrees.), pour in the fresh juice of one lemon and add a tablespoon of honey (honey should be liquid). Stir the resulting mixture and immediately drink.

The Drink has a tonic and at the same time sedatives.

Will Help hydromel and those who want to lose weight and maintain weight in annualized rate. Drink, contributes to the gradual loss of excess weight, as accelerates the process of fat splitting – lipolysis. In this case, it is recommended to drink it in the morning, then at 16 and 18 hours.
The number of glasses of "live water" consumed per day should not exceed 2-3.

A Rose for immune system

What rose is one of the Champions in the content of vitamin C, known to all.

In order to preserve all the vitamins in the fruit, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the berries, grind, pour boiling water, insist 10-15 minutes in a water bath or just on a hot plate (water should not boil). After this important infusion of strain through cheesecloth or fine strainer.
To sweeten or give the drink more the original taste, you can add raspberry jam, honey or juice of berries and fruits.


Milk shakes enrich the body with the necessary vitamin E. it is better to use a whole or pasteurized cow drink with a fat content of 3.2%, rather than sterilized.

Classic recipe for milk shake:

The glass of milk is taken 1-2 tablespoon of the syrup, half banana or 5 strawberries and 1 a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Mixed components are whipped until smooth with a blender on medium speed whipping.

As for ice cream, you can simply do without it, and syrup – take a pharmacy (from sea buckthorn, rose hips or cranberries) or replace it with jam of your own preparation. Use any frozen or fresh fruit, beware of only sour fruits and vegetables, which can simply spoil the resulting cocktail, as milk will curdle.

However, the strengthening of the immune system even better than cow's milk will work a variety of milk drinks. Such drinks are still rich in normalizing intestinal microflora bifidobacteria. Recent studies have shown that they, along with digestive function, perform other important functions, such as protective (intestine is important in the formation of immunity) and synthetic (synthesis of some vitamins in the body). Add in homemade yogurt or kefir pieces of fruit and juices, get well and enjoy the pleasant taste of the drink.

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