Clove and its properties, the use of spices, the damage, the use of spices cloves in medicine

Useful properties of clovesCloves are widely used in cooking as one of the favorite spices. Its use is very great, and the specific and unique flavor is very difficult to confuse with something else. But it is worth noting the fact that the use of spices is not limited to the kitchen. So, this spice will be useful for the prevention and even treatment of certain diseases.

Chemical composition

Useful properties of cloves are largely due to the unique composition, which is filled with a variety of microelements, vitamins and other substances. Regardless of what kind of spice you use, you can be sure that the spice will not let you down: it will fill the kitchen with a magical aroma, and the body will give health.
Cloves contain in its composition protein (about 6 g per 100 g of product), fats (20 g), carbohydrates (27 g). At the same time, 1/3 of cloves is fiber, which is useful for its fibers that positively affect the work of the intestine. The benefit still lies in the fact that about 20 % composition – a pure essential oil, which is rich in aromatic compounds that have a positive effect on the body. Any variety is useful. There are these "buds" in the form of stars, as well as an oblong shape. The level of usefulness they do not differ.
Spice boasts a wonderful multivitamin complex, as it includes:

  • b vitamins;
  • beta-carotene;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • vitamin E;
  • various trace elements and macronutrients (potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, etc.);
  • vitamin K.

Useful properties of cloves

Useful properties

The Benefits of cloves in its antiviral and antibacterial properties, which can only be compared with needles. The therapeutic effect comes very quickly, so in the winter you need to particularly lean on this spice.

Carnation is excellent suitable for the prevention of colds, viral diseases that are transmitted by airborne droplets.

This spiciness fear and intestinal infection. It can be added to food, and inhalation with clove ether.

Medical Applications

The Medicinal properties of cloves allow us to use it in medicine, where, by the way, the spice has found wide application. Benefit from cloves can be largely due to eugenol. This so-called clove oil, which gives a specific and recognizable flavor.
Therapeutic properties:

  • antispasmodic;
  • anesthetic;
  • has anti-microbial effect;
  • is a diaphoretic and diuretic.

Useful properties of the spices allow you to apply it in dentistry, because it copes with lesions of the mucous membranes, fights against inflammatory processes in periodontitis, caries, pulpitis. Even our ancestors knew this property of cloves and therefore crushed it into powder, which treated the teeth (rubbed the gums, chewed the buds of the plant). Now also use live plants for preparation of temporary seals.
Useful properties of cloves
With the help of a fragrant assistant, you can cope with sudden diarrhea, as well as eliminate bloating and improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract as a whole. The essential concentrate of this plant is therapeutic, it is a natural antiseptic that fights parasites, harmful bacteria that harm our health. In addition, the fragrant assistant will cope with muscle cramps, eliminate hiccups. It is widely used in gynecology, because it is able to enhance contractions during childbirth. With its help, increase uterine tone and achieve stabilization of the menstrual cycle.
The aroma of this oil is a natural aphrodisiac. Also widely used in arthrosis and arthritis, body injuries. A decoction based on this plant can be used to treat eye diseases. It is also rational to use it at low pressure. However, remember, if you suffer from high blood pressure, you it is contraindicated to use this plant.

Application in cosmetology

Cloves are widely used for the preparation of various cosmetics. As a rule, it is used to treat the skin, because the beneficial properties provide tissue regeneration and have anti-inflammatory effect. To combat skin defects, ether is used, made on the basis of this raw material.
Thanks to the antimicrobial effect, a relatively rapid therapeutic effect is achieved acne. This oil effectively fights anaerobic bacteria, which form inflammatory acne.
Useful properties of cloves
The properties of this plant can also be used to combat boils and other manifestations of Staphylococcus. In such cases (in the absence of contraindications), the essence is applied directly to the affected area of the skin. And, of course, do not forget that this is a very aggressive tool that should not be used in large quantities. It can cause severe skin burns, irritation, redness. For sensitive skin use is contraindicated.
Essential essence can be actively used by people who are owners of oily skin. So, the means that are composed of this plant, dry oily skin, relieve inflammation, which are eternal companions of this type of skin.
This fragrant plant can be used to remove warts, as well as added in the form of oils in ready night creams, masks for oily skin.
The plant has an effective antifungal, antibacterial property and eliminates the unpleasant smell of sweat, fights fungal lesions of the foot. It is a popular component in the composition of therapeutic shampoos and balms.

Weight Loss

The Value of this plant in weight loss is very high, because the flavor is great fights with increased appetite. Ground spice can be actively added to meals if you lose weight. We know that many spices, on the contrary, stimulate appetite, but aromatic spice – dulls. But you can use it not only as a spice, but also in the form of essential oil, which make massage.
Anti-cellulite massages with this component will help to quickly cope with the looseness of the skin, improve metabolism, increase blood flow and as a result get rid of extra centimeters on the hips. It is advisable to carry out wraps with such oil, as well as add to body scrubs.


Since ancient times, People have noticed that the essential oil of fragrant cloves has a fairly active effect on the mental and nervous processes that occur in the human body. For example, if you need to recover as quickly as possible after intense physical and emotional stress, use clove oil. It relieves nervous trembling in the body, has a pronounced warming effect. Doctors have proven that the aroma of this plant significantly increases the amount of memory, eliminates hysteria and even helps to organize thoughts. The smell helps to strengthen and temper the character, helps to cope with self-doubt, fights anxiety. It is worth noting that in ancient times, our ancestors used this plant in order to protect themselves from the negative influence of other people. Such in our time are called "energy vampires." Given healing the fragrance helps to restore strength after surgery, injuries, serious diseases.
Useful properties of cloves
How to properly use this healing oil to restore the body and emotional state? Is there any special secret? In fact, it's very simple! If you use an aroma lamp, use no more than 3-4 drops of raw materials. Bath should take no more than 5 drops. If you decide to add oil to the finished cosmetics, you will need only 1-2 drops of oil.
In dental practice, too, everything is simple. Take a cotton swab and moisten it in ordinary vegetable oil, and drip on top of the clove (no more than 2 drops) and apply to the diseased tooth (but only to the chewing side).
To wash the wound, you need to take 100 ml of water and about 20 drops of clove oil. For oral use, you need to mix raw materials (no more than 1 drop) with honey (1 teaspoon) and drink mulled wine, if there is no hot wine – warm tea. This medicine is taken 1 time a day, but only after eating.


Cloves (in any form) is absolutely contraindicated in young children (up to 5 years), as well as people suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension), VSD.
You can not be treated with this fragrant "lifesaver" expectant mothers, people who suffer from gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, gastritis with high acidity. In addition, persons who have mental disorders, too, it is better to refrain from eating spices and avoid inhalation of essential oil of the plant. If you follow all the rules and recommendations, you will never hurt yourself and improve your health with a natural remedy!

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