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For some reason, many believe that the main dream of all girls – a successful marriage. In fact, for the vast majority of women in the first place is a good figure, and only personal life somehow "attached". The main desire of girls – forever to be slim and fit, it does not sit on a diet and do not play sports at all. Surprisingly, but fact. how you can become slim, the least amount of effort? Sport – disappears, because on he needs to spend time and effort, and though really want to, and once – crazy rhythm of work "eats" a few free hours. Diet – also not the easiest way, it's so difficult to give up all the harmful one day. Pills for weight loss, though promise a "magical" effect, in fact often completely useless, and even harmful. So, it's time to find something that will help to lose weight at home and is commonplace – why not start cooking the right ones soups?

How to cook diet soup for weight loss

Diet soups for weight loss: recipes, how to cook, reviews

To understand how to cook soup for weight loss, it is not necessary to invent a Bicycle – replace the little products are useful and discard anything that has starch or fat basis. So far it does not sound too clear, but everything will become clear after a few examples. First of all, however, it should be noted that any proper diet should not completely exclude any products, as they all have some useful substances. Of course, this does not apply to fast food, chips, sweets or pastries, but even bread can be eaten, replace only the white loaf with black grain bread. It is also delicious, and you will be surprised to know how many varieties and flavors of dietary bread there. Similarly, we can say about fats – not all fats are harmful. Limit is only the use of animal fats, as they are poorly absorbed by the body and then deposited in the hips, thighs and so on. But vegetable fats are quite acceptable – for example, olive oil, which contains a huge amount of nutrients.

Recipes delicious vegetable soups for weight loss in fact very much. It is not necessary to dwell on any one diet soup, because eat the same quickly get bored, therefore, it should be noted the basic "tricks" of cooking and possible ingredients, and so each hostess will decide – how much and what she wants to see at ease. So, initially you need to understand whether this soup is just a vegetable, or you love both meat and fish, and refuse them can not. If you are a meat eater, the diet soup may contain chicken or Turkey fillets. You can't take those the parts where there are joints and bones, as the broth will be rich, and this is not a diet. Fish is also better to take less fat, perfect white. Initially, you need to boil some meat or fish, and then add the remaining ingredients.

By these ingredients are meant vegetables and some types of cereals for density.

Vegetables can be very different:

  • cabbage (and color too)
  • carrot
  • bow
  • eggplant
  • peas
  • celery
  • eggplant

For the preparation of dietary soup can not be used potatoes, as it contains starch, and this is one of the main sources of extra pounds along with flour. As for spices, they can be put as much as you want, but the salt is desirable less, because it still has the property retain water in the body, and the result – swelling.

It is also Important that no products can be fried using oil. A small spoon of olive can be added to the boiling soup. You can also add cereals to it, but note that they do not contain starch (rice contains, for example). After 30 minutes the soup will be ready, because vegetables and so almost always edible, and chicken cooks very quickly.

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