Cleopatra bath – the effect of rejuvenation and weight loss

the Fact that milk is an anti-aging remedy, known since ancient times of Egyptian Queens. But the name of this method is not only rejuvenate, but also lose weight, received on behalf of the famous and beautiful Queen Cleopatra. it really helps to use a milk bath, which was added by the honey. Maybe that's why she was graceful and beautiful.

We Must pay tribute to our contemporaries who have Cleopatra's bath today enjoy great popularity. The fact that milk with honey – a great tool for weight loss, it is clear. But the process of reclining in the bath with milk and honey – it's actually very nice. If I may say so, it is one hundred percent relaxation process.

Cleopatra's bath Effect

You Can argue a lot about how the bath acts on the female body. You can read a lot of reviews, read the recommendations of doctors, and so on. But let's sound judgment. Each body is different, it reacts to the environment in different ways, it has its positive and negative sides in terms of the impact of certain liquids (milk and honey including). So until you do not try – do not know how you will act Cleopatra bath.

The Main component of the slimming bath is milk. And it has a huge amount of vitamins of group B. These vitamins, penetrating under the skin, tone it. She becomes elastic, which means wrinkles are smoothed. Vitamin E, which is also present in milk, has an effect on the skin. It rejuvenates it purely visually. All other nutrients of milk moisturize the skin, softening it.

But the last and final point in the debate about how useful the baths of Cleopatra or not, put scientists out of England. They just conducted an experiment, which involved 320 people (women and men). They were divided into two groups, one of which took baths from milk, the second ordinary water baths. The experiment lasted a month, where people took baths every morning. The result of all simply stunned. 94% of those who took baths with milk and honey looked very good. They have smoothed out the wrinkles, the skin has clearly become elastic, even age spots have all become lighter. The second group had no changes.

Of Course, a milk bath with honey is just an additional means for weight loss. Without the basic elements, and this diet and exercise, lose a few pounds will not work.

Another point of concern to many women, are there any contraindications from the baths of Cleopatra. This had to happen. So, who can't take milk baths:

  • who are allergic to honey and milk;
  • Injuries and trauma to the skin. For example, burns, severe cuts. In this case, the harm is not from the filling itself, but from the temperature of the liquid.
  • Gynecological diseases;
  • Cardiovascular problems;
  • Pregnant is also not recommended to take baths of Cleopatra;
  • Sport shifts that take fat burners. In this case milk temperature can lead to a rise in body temperature.

Bath Cleopatra – recipe with honey

Those who hear about milk baths for the first time may think that the tank needs to be completely filled with milk. This at home is simply impossible, so the following recipe is recommended.

  • bath is filled with water with temperature +38C.
  • Mix milk and honey in proportion – one liter of milk 100 gr. honey's.
  • This mixture is poured into water.
  • to Adopt the procedures should be no more than 20 minutes, preferably an hour before bedtime.

To improve your mood, turn on the music, light the candles. Please note that you should not wash yourself with water after taking a bath. Just Pat the body with a soft towel. If you think that moisturizing the skin was not as effective as you expected, you can use bath oils as a Supplement Cleopatra. It can be coconut oil or sesame oil. Cream to use is not necessary.

And the last. These procedures should not be carried out daily, Maxim – it's every other day.

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