Cleansing the liver at home: olive oil, oats, using a tube.

The Liver is the main filter of the human body. That is why it is so important to monitor her condition. If it can not fully perform its functions, harmful substances accumulate in the bile ducts, completely or partially blocking them. As a result, stones, bilirubin flakes are formed. To facilitate the work of this body and rid it of pollutants, it is necessary to carry out the purification procedure.

Liver cleansing at home can be carried out in various ways. But before the procedure, you must first release the intestine from toxins. To do this in the morning on an empty stomach should drink a glass of decoction of any herbs with choleretic effect. Suitable and warm mineral water. After defecation, you can start the procedures.

Liver Tube at home

Add 5 g of magnesium sulfate or sorbitol to a glass of warm mineral water. The resulting mixture should be drunk, and after 20 minutes to make a second portion and repeat the reception means. After that, you need to lie down on the bed and apply the warmer to the area where the liver is located. It is necessary to remain in this position for about 2 hours. After that, be sure to drink another portion of the mixture. After 2 days all the procedure should be repeated. Just have to spend 10 sessions of purification with a break of 2 days.

Have liver tube at home there are contraindications. The procedure of this kind can not be carried out for people who have stones in the gallbladder - there may be a threat of blockage of the bile ducts. This method is not suitable for those who suffer from duodenal ulcer. The spilling bile will irritate her mucous membrane, which fraught with exacerbation of the disease.

Cleaning liver oats

Oats is a natural product that can effectively cleanse the liver. To carry out the procedure, you will need to prepare a special infusion. A glass of grains should be cleaned and washed, put in a refractory dish (metal can not be used), add 3 liters of hot water. The composition should be heated on low heat and wait for the first bubbles to appear on the surface. After that, the dishes need to be removed from the stove and place in the oven, preheated to 150 degrees.

Infusion needs to simmer for about 2 hours. Then the resulting tool should be thoroughly filtered. Take it 2 times a day. This should be done half an hour before eating. 2/3 Cup will be enough. Such cleansing liver oats at home soft, it is well tolerated.

Cleaning the liver with olive oil

This method is considered to be quite effective. It is advisable to start cleansing during the full moon. 3 days before the procedure you need to go on a special diet - eat only green apples and drink juice from apples and beets in a proportion of 4 to 1. These days it is advisable to put two enemas to possible to cleanse the bowel.

When will the day of the procedure, you need to drink the last bit of juice in 2 hours of the day. An hour later, should be taken Nospanum or allohol. The drug must be washed down with plenty of hot water and apply a warmer to the liver. At 5 PM you need to make an enema. After 30 minutes, you need to take another tablet of no-shpa or allochol.

You can Then proceed directly to the liver flush olive oil. For the procedure, you will need a glass of olive oil and a glass of freshly prepared lemon juice. It is necessary to drink a SIP from each glass every 15 minutes: first olive oil, then juice. Between meals it is advisable to move: to walk around the room, Crouch. If you feel sick, you can smell the lemon zest. When all the contents of the glasses will be drunk, you need to lie on your side and put under the liver warmer. By 23 o'clock, bowel emptying should occur. If the urge to the toilet no, I need an enema.

Warm up the area of the liver need to the morning. After waking up, you should put another enema to remove all the slags. Then you need to drink a glass of Apple juice, half diluted with water, and half an hour later - a glass of diluted grapefruit juice. On this day, it is permissible to eat unsalted oatmeal and buckwheat porridge cooked on water. In addition, you can eat any vegetables and fruits. Then gradually, slowly, you can return to the usual menu. But it is desirable to adhere to a healthy diet.

Since such procedures are quite serious, it is not necessary to perform them without a preliminary conversation with a doctor. Perhaps he will find you have any contraindications. Therefore, it is desirable to pass tests before cleansing and make ultrasound of the liver and gallbladder. Such measures will reduce the risk of complications during purification.

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