Cleansing the body after Smoking. Useful tips, methods, means of cleansing the body after Smoking

How to cleanse the body after SmokingHow long will it take a former smoker to recover the body? The process of purification and restoration of the lungs and the body as a whole takes a long time. Here an important role is played by the duration and frequency of Smoking. For example, if you smoked for 5 years, the body will need less time to clean than those people who have devoted more than 15 years to a bad habit. But the average is 9-12 months. It happens that the cleaning passes any longer.

To Whom Smoking is most dangerous?

In the modern world it is generally accepted that Smoking does more harm to the body of women, disrupting their reproductive system. Also suffers reproductive function, which it will have to be restored for a long time. However, men smoke no less dangerous.

The Consequences of Smoking are not always the most favorable. Although there are no obvious signs of intoxication of the sexual sphere in men, it is not so simple, because nicotine is transferred through the blood vessels to all organs. In addition to General malaise, there may be problems with erection.

A year after active Smoking significantly reduces the likelihood of becoming a father.

In Addition, various chronic diseases develop. That's why it's so important to quit Smoking and start breathing deeply! After all, the only way you will feel the fullness of life.

Symptoms of cleansing the body from nicotine

After you refused from Smoking, you may have various symptoms of cleansing, among which:

  • bad breath;
  • cough, wheezing, sputum formation;
  • dizziness;
  • irritability.

The Fact that the fibers, which are located in the Airways, filter toxins and mucus, which smokers produce more productive.

How to cleanse the body after Smoking

Effective cleansing agents body

So, you decided to give up the addiction and "clean", where to start? How to recover? Surely, you will need a program that will effectively cleanse the body:

  1. first, be aware of the psychological mood and motivation, which should be as convincing without it to quit Smoking is impossible.
  2. Enter in diet lot more vitamins. Moreover, in addition to the use of fresh fruits and vegetables, you can use and tablet forms.
  3. Drink a glass of milk in the morning. Preferably goat's.
  4. Take time to repair skin that has lost its elasticity and freshness. Do cosmetic procedures (masks, pilling, etc.).
  5. Increase your physical activity so that the muscles were able to quickly get rid of the oxidation products of the resin, and the light began to quickly be cleansed. Toxins are also more likely to leave your body.
  6. visit More in the fresh air: take walks, go out of town, spend time outdoor games – quit Smoking, you can move faster.
  7. Drink 1 liter of juices at least 2-3 times a week.
  8. Give more time to your hobby so you don't have time to think about Smoking. It is very important to occupy yourself with something.
  9. If it is possible – go to the pool.
  10. Carry (only in first week after refusal from tobacco) with a sweets, nuts, dried fruits. When there is a desire to smoke – eat something tasty!

How to cleanse the body after Smoking
These tips will support and strengthen the recovering body.
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