Cleansing soup diet: minus 5 kg per week

This diet is effective thanks to the products that are part of the soups. They are low-calorie, rich in valuable fiber and can activate metabolism. Unlike many other diets, soup does not allow depletion of the body, but rather saturates it with vitamins and minerals.

But you have to understand that pea soup with smoked pork bones or soup with bacon does not contribute to weight loss. Next, consider principles of preparation of the first dishes and delicious menu for 7 days.

Principles of preparation of soups

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To diet to be effective, you must comply with the principles of soups:

1. All ingredients need to cook or simmer, but do not fry.

2. Adding butter, sour cream, cream and potatoes is excluded.

3. The amount of salt should be kept to a minimum. You can improve the taste of the dish with the help of ground pepper and various herbs.

4. Carrots, pumpkin and beets have a high glycemic index, so use them in strictly limited quantities.


Balanced soup diet menu for 7 days

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Breakfast: celery soup + banana

Lunch: pumpkin and carrot puree soup + low-fat Greek yogurt

Dinner: cabbage broth + a piece of baked Turkey (100 g)

Important! Soups during the day can be there are unlimited quantities.


Breakfast: omelet of two eggs with tomatoes + unsweetened coffee

Lunch: vegetable broth with chicken pieces + salad of juicy greens

Dinner: soup (with cooking uses only egg white)


Breakfast: milk soup + orange

Lunch: onion soup + piece of cottage cheese casserole

Dinner: soup with celery


Breakfast: oat soup + banana

Lunch: zucchini soup-puree + piece of boiled fish (100 g)

Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese with nuts


Breakfast: cheese cream soup + green Apple

Lunch: fish broth with vegetables + beet and walnut salad

Dinner: low-fat Greek yogurt with berries


Breakfast: milk soup + oatmeal cookies (1 PC.)

Lunch: broccoli soup + avocado slices drizzled with lemon juice

Dinner: soup with celery


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs + orange

Lunch: chicken soup + salad from tomatoes and cucumbers

Dinner: cold beetroot

Important! Diet is contraindicated in serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, anemia, hypotonia, any problems with the circulatory system and a tendency to diarrhoea. Also, this system of nutrition is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

For a week on a soup diet you can lose up to 5 kilos of excess weight, without hunger! And to improve the results, follow exercise and do home wraps .

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