Cleansing of joints with Bay leaf

Cleansing of joints with Bay leaf

Almost every housewife in the kitchen there is a Bay leaf. This spice helps to make dishes fragrant, give them a brighter flavor. However, not everyone knows that it successfully cleanses some components of the body, in particular, cleaning the joints with Bay leaf.

Cleansing organism Bay leaf: the basic principles

This plant lowers glucose levels in the body, it improves the digestive system and easily copes with flatulence. But the most common use - cleaning joints Bay leaf. With age, especially in people who move little, salt accumulates, which interfere with the normal operation of the joints, cause pain. It is from the accumulated salt and need to get rid of.

Cleaning joints Bay leaf involves the consumption of a special potion. To do this, the leaves of the Laurel tree pour 300 ml water and boil for 5 minutes. Mandatory condition - open lid when boiling. This is done to ensure that all essential oils, which are found in large quantities in the plant and do not have a very good effect on the kidneys, evaporated. Remove the broth from the heat, wrap and let stand for 3 hours. You can find many options for this recipe - in some cooking time is reduced to 3 minutes, in others the infusion process increases. However, the basic principle remains the same: welding, insistence, and a La carte reception.

Cleansing of joints with Bay leaf

All contents must be taken within 12 hours. Otherwise, you can further harm the body, causing bleeding. Cleansing Bay leaf in this way lasts three days, after which you need to take a break for a couple of weeks. After this time, drink another three days. Experts in the field of treatment with folk remedies recommend before this procedure to conduct a good cleaning of the gallbladder and the intestines, so as not to cause any negative reaction in these organs.

Cleansing joints Bay leaf has some contraindications. In peptic ulcer, other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as urolithiasis take this spice must not.

Laurel tinctures cleansing the body is better to combine with proper nutrition during their period. The cleaning process will make itself felt frequent urge to the toilet and pinkish tinge of urine. Well acts Bay leaf against salts, and also has a beneficial effect on blood vessels. Cleansing vessels Bay leaf improves metabolic processes in them, as well as expands the capillaries.

Cleansing the body with oil and vodka

Good not only Bay leaf for cleansing the body, but one more. This method is called the Shevchenko method by the name of its inventor. A mixture of two seemingly incompatible liquids gives amazing results. The body is cleared of harmful substances, even the desire to consume alcohol is reduced. This mixture is well established in the treatment of cancer, hepatitis, asthma, diabetes.

Drinks are combined in the same small proportion - and shake well for about 5 minutes. Reception should be three times a day half an hour before meals. Preferably the reception of the mixture, and hold food at the same time. After 10 days of consumption to take a break for 5 days, and so two cycles, the third break will be two weeks. If you do not just clean the body, and treated with this, the cycles should be repeated for about 2 years. If the reception is carried out for preventive purposes, it is enough to drink it only once a day instead of three.

Cleansing of joints with Bay leaf

Whichever method of purification you choose, to it needs to be approached with care to bring only benefit.

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