Cleansing lemon diet for weight loss, reviews, menu

lemon dietTwo weeks lemon diet you can lose 4-5 pounds. At the same time, the diet does not require strict restrictions in the diet except for 2 fasting days.
The diet is simple enough to observe, as it is not necessary to cook some special dishes there can be all in regards to the size of the portions and certain foods.

A Little about the benefits lemon

  • Citric acid, found in large quantities in lemons, activates the processes of fat splitting. Promoting the release of gastric juice, lemon juice improves digestion, accelerates metabolism and promotes weight loss.
  • in Addition, the use of diluted lemon juice for a while eliminates hunger.
  • Pectin contained in the peel of a lemon, help cleanse the body.
  • Vitamin C, the content of which the lemon is known to be one from Champions, helps to strengthen the immune system.

Lemon diet for weight loss

Lemon diet for weight loss is not strict, except for 2 hungry fasting days, you can eat any food, limiting fat, flour, sweets. And, of course, do not overeat. It is recommended to limit daily diet 1200 Kcal.

You can Eat as many times a day as you are used to.

Preparing lemon drink

Add one lemon juice To a glass of warm water. Drink a drink on an empty stomach, small SIPS.

Drink the drink better through a tube, then rinse your mouth to neutralize the acid that can damage the tooth enamel.

On the first day of the diet in the morning on an empty stomach drink lemon drink,
on the 2nd day it is necessary to drink 2 glasses of drink,
on 3 th – three,
on 4 th – four,
on the 5th – five glasses,
on 6 th – six.

The Rest of the day can be fed freely.

If you are unable to drink the amount of lemon drink in the morning, you can drink it during the day every hour before meals.

Seventh day – unloading. In a three-liter container with water squeeze juice of 3 lemons, add a tablespoon of honey and drink during the day.

Then again are starting to drink lemon drink:
Day 8 – six glasses,
9 th – five,
10 th – four,
11 th – three,
12th – two,
13th – one glass.

14 th day – again unloading (3 liters of water, juice of three lemons, a tablespoon of honey).

Advice on nutrition during the diet lemon juice

• Eat more vegetables and fruits. Vegetables can be eaten both raw and stewed (steamed). You can make any vegetable salads, fill them with olive oil and lemon juice.

• In addition to lemon drink can be during food to drink still and good quality dry wine (1-2 glasses a day).


The Use of sour lemon drink is contraindicated for people with high acidity. In case of any doubts before starting the diet consult your doctor.

If there are no contraindications, diet lemon juice is well tolerated. However, to continue to stick to it for more than 2 weeks is impossible. Repeat diet can be no more than 2-3 times a year, preferably in spring and autumn.

The effectiveness of the lemon diet for weight loss depends on individual characteristics of the organism and the caloric intake and physical activity.

Lemon starvation

Lemon starvation – extreme version of the lemon diet, in this case, you only need to drink a lemon drink in the same quantities as on the diet, and plain water. The diet of the 7th and 14th fasting days remain the same (3 liters of water, juice of three lemons, a tablespoon of honey).

In the opinion of losing weight, you can lose up to 3 kg per day. Whether it is worth risking the health – to solve to you.

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