Cleansing diet Nicole Kidman

To understand, that diet, which adheres to famous, actress, allows preserve superb figure and smooth skin, simply look at the very Nicole Kidman.
Diet followed by Nicole, not complicated, but bear it not everyone.
Cleansing diet Nicole Kidman

Three-Day starvation cleanses the body of toxins, while you can drink:

All this is allowed in unlimited quantities. Such a regime she abides by a few times a year.

Important: it is not necessary to carry out such cleansing unloading more than 3 days, unless of course you are going to live a full life and not suffer from weakness. Three days – enough for the body to cleanse and rejuvenate. However, assuming that the rest of the time you are not satisfied with a daily "holiday belly".

The rest of the time, the actress eats only healthy "live" food. No refined processed foods, sugar, alcohol and soda, coffee and black tea. Of course, such food contributes to the health, first and foremost, and a healthy person and it looks great.
Nicole Kidman does not eat frozen food, unfortunately, it is unlikely that a large number of Russians can afford it, especially frozen berries, vegetables and fruits in winter and spring for us – a source of vitamins, the main thing is to ensure that they are properly stored.

Useful information:
If it is difficult to give up the sweet, you can try natural sugar substitute – stevia. For more than 30 years, this "honey herb" as a sweetener is used in Japan. As a result of medical research it was found that stevia effective in treating obesity and hypertension.

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