Cleaning the liver with sorbitol: methods with mineral water and rose hips, reviews

Cleaning the liver with sorbitolcleaning the body – quite a popular activity today, which includes a lot of ways, techniques and tools. The leader in this race for health and purity is the liver. And no wonder, because of our bad habits and excesses it gets probably the most. There are many ways to help this body, but we will focus on one of the most popular – tube, that is a blind sensing. And specifically focus on such a technique as cleaning the liver with sorbitol, which can be quite effectively periodically carried out independently at home.

Liver cleaning by sorbitol: benefit and harm

Let's Start with what is the sorbitol itself, and what effect to expect from it. Sorbitol is one of the representatives of a number of sugar-substituting substances produced from natural vegetable raw materials. In this case, its properties are not limited to the replacement of sugar. This tool also copes well with choleretic and antispasmodic functions, has a laxative and diuretic effect, and also has detoxification properties.

Liver cleanse sorbitol: benefits and harms

Thus, cleaning this organ with sorbitol can solve several problems:

  1. facilitation of the liver and biliary tract by "washing" bile ducts and eliminate stagnation. This effect can also be considered a good means of preventing the formation of gallstones;
  2. cleaning bowel;
  3. washing of kidneys and urinary tract;
  4. elimination of toxins from the body;
  5. skin condition and color improvement.

This method of cleansing the liver with the use of this sweetener is one of the most soft, it is gentle. But especially count on the fact that this method will miraculously save you from the stones is not necessary. Moreover, before the behavior of the procedure is recommended to undergo ultrasound examination and make sure that these same stones you do not. This preventive measure is explained very simply: since the cleaning is based on the choleretic effect, along with the bile, stones can actively move. And this can lead to blockage of the ducts.

Liver cleanse sorbitol: benefits and harms

But the presence of stones is not the only condition when cleaning the liver with sorbitol is not recommended, contraindications to it include several more diseases. Towards them include:

  • duodenal ulcer;
  • diabetes;
  • chronic processes in the acute stage;
  • infectious diseases;
  • high temperature, feverish conditions;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Liver cleanse sorbitol: preparations

Liver cleanse sorbitol: preparations

To cleaning was the most effective, it is necessary to prepare. To do this, a day or two before it, help the liver "tune" to the procedure: eliminate all aggravating factors (alcohol, spicy, fatty, salty dishes, smoked) and go to a light vegetable food, drink more juices.
If you are cleaning the liver with sorbitol and mineral water, do not forget to release gas from it. For the procedure it is better to choose therapeutic mineral waters: "Narzan", "Borjomi".
If instead of soda you decide use wild rose, then prepare a decoction of this plant in advance.

Liver cleanse sorbitol

Most of the techniques suggest to carry out such a cleaning action in the late afternoon. A minimum of 2 hours before it (and better generally 4-5 hours) food no longer be taken, and before him take a relaxing bath. In an hour "H" dilute 2 tablespoons (tablespoons) of sorbitol in a glass of slightly heated mineral water without gas. If you can not boast of harmony, the amount of sorbitol can be increased to 3-4 spoons, but no more.

Cleaning the liver with sorbitol

Slowly, small SIPS drink this wonderful mixture and lie comfortably on your right side. Under it in the region of the hypochondrium podkashivaet a warm heating pad. So rest for 20 minutes, drink the remaining mineral water and continue to lie as much. Some methods offer this stage to extend up to 2 hours and then fix the effect of choleretic broth. After a couple of hours or over night your bowels should withdraw all of the expelled cleaning. If it doesn't happen before morning, then it's better to give him an enema.

After the procedure, stay a week in a gentle mode of life: limit the physical and, if possible, mental stress, do not abuse the sun baths and heavy food.

To this liver cleansing at home recommend 6-8 times a year. At the same time, choose the course of procedures according to your feeling – it can be several sessions in 2-3 weeks or just one for the same period.

Liver cleanse sorbitol and rosehip

Liver cleanse sorbitol and rosehip

The Procedure of cleansing the liver by sorbitol and briar, no it differs from the procedure with mineral water:

  1. preparation time: vegetarian food and cooking of infusion of rose hips. Latest is not difficult to prepare: pour into a thermos 3 tbsp rosehip 0,5 l of boiling water and leave to infuse for an entire night;
  2. very cleansing process in the evening on an empty stomach drink dissolved in Cup of warm infusion 2-3 tbsp sorbitol, lie down with a warm heating pad on the right upper quadrant on the same right side. After 20 minutes, drink up the remaining infusion and after 20 minutes the procedure is over.

Liver cleanse sorbitol – reviews

As to how effective the cleaning of the liver with sorbitol is, the reviews are mostly positive. Due to its availability and relative ease, this technique is quite popular among people who are passionate about such procedures. In addition, there are often comments with personal "inserts" in the methodology, including in relation to periodicities.

Of Course, ideally it is better not to bring his liver to the point that she will ask for help. And before giving her this help, including with the help of such purification, it is better to consult a doctor.

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