Cleaning the liver folk remedies using herbs and beets

Everyone knows: if the filter is clogged, it needs to be cleaned. The filter of our body is the liver. It also becomes clogged with time, especially after illness or bad eating habits. But if the household "sieve" can be released from the blockage by mechanical or chemical means, then with the liver such jokes will not pass. The extra medicine will only make her worse. there's only one way: cleansing the liver folk remedies.

Cleaning Methods

Before go to the national ways to improve the state of the liver, you need to clean excretory organ: intestine. If it is filled with fecal debris, the effect of the procedures will not. Moreover, the body will be subjected to additional load. Bilirubin stones can move, causing pain, slag will have nowhere to go, and they will be re-absorbed, which will cause dizziness, headache, nausea and weakness. No, this is not the result you would like, is not it?

Cleaning methodsFast to cleanse the bowel will not work. Accumulated over the years, blockages are eliminated only by monthly daily herbal enemas and the intake of freshly squeezed vegetable acidified juices on an empty stomach. Of course, you should go to diet food without sugar, muffin, animal fats and proteins.

Cleaning methods

Cleaning the liver folk remedies can be done in different ways:

Will Consider several variants of tyubazh: with the use of herbs and with the help of beet.

Cleansing liver beet

Cleaning the liver with beets is carried out in the following ways: freshly squeezed juice, kvass or broth. The latest version of the cleaning is a "one-day". It is used if emergency measures are required. To do this, a large fruit is boiled in three liters of water for about 2 hours on low heat (allowed to boil for 2/3), cooled and ground on a fine grater. Mashed mass mixed with water residues (of course, the fruit before cooking must be thoroughly cleaned from the ground) and another 20 minutes boiled. After that, the broth is tsedyat and divided into 4 equal portions, which are drunk every 4 hours. Preferably in day to tuberculate green apples sour and after drinking the decoction the area of the liver to apply heat.

Cleaning the liver beets

Kvass cleaning consists in the following actions: 3 beet fruits are cut into cubes, placed in a container with 0.5 kg of sugar and two tablespoons of flour. The workpiece is covered with a lid and infused for two days. Then there fall asleep another kg of sugar, 100 ml of water and add 700 g of raisins. Infused mass 7 days and stirred daily. Then filtered and taken on a tablespoon 3 times daily before meals. Course – 3 cylinders.

Beet juice cleansing includes a long daily intake with the addition of half lemon juice and any other vegetables.

Cleaning liver herbs

Cleaning the liver with herbs

You will need: St. John's wort, chamomile, corn stigmas, milk Thistle, mint, nettle, chicory, yarrow, plantain, rosehip, wormwood, dandelion. All ingredients are mixed in equal proportions, and prepared infusion. 2-3 tablespoons of collecting 0.5 liters of boiling water (in a thermos). Taken 1.5 cups on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime in the form of heat. Course – 1 month. Reviews say that this cleaning is soft and gentle, but not recommended for people with cholelithiasis.

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