Cinnamon for weight loss: application, recipes, reviews

Cinnamon has long been known as the spice most suitable for baking, as well as a variety of warming drinks. It gives a special warm and tart aroma to buns and cookies, mulled wine and punch, coffee and tea. But are the beneficial properties of cinnamon limited to this pleasant effect?

It Turns out, medicinal the use of this fragrant drug has history, not less rich and ancient, than in cookery. In the East, many centuries ago already used tea with cinnamon for weight loss, colds, diseases digestive system.

Why does cinnamon promote weight loss?

To understand how spice can help reduce body weight, it is worth remembering the main causes of overweight. Whatever may be said about such factors as hormonal changes, endocrine diseases, bad heredity, the so-called "broad bone", the main prerequisite for the accumulation of extra pounds is the excess is obtained from food energy over its costs on the activity and locomotor activity. Simply put, modern man often either eats more than he needs, or does not move enough.

Why would a man, in his youth, slender and taut, thirty or forty years becomes heavy, fattening, and frankly fattening? It seems to be eating no more than before, but gaining weight. It's all about metabolism, that is, the speed and quality of processing food and macronutrient assimilation. In childhood and adolescence, the rate of metabolism is maximum – whatever the teenager ate, whether it be a dozen hamburgers, burns instantly to cover the enormous energy costs for the growth of the body and high activity.

adult exchange processes are much slower and slow down every year, if a person is not engaged in heavy physical labor or sports. The average sedentary citizen the metabolism is so sluggish that it begins to recover almost from the cabbage leaf. Therefore, in the case of weight loss is one of the most important tasksacceleration of metabolism. And just this goal can be very contribute to tea with cinnamon and ginger. The secret is simple – one of the main properties of cinnamon, which causes its therapeutic effect, is the ability to activate metabolic processes.

Another important feature that allows use cinnamon for weight loss – the property of this spice to normalize blood sugar levels. The fact is that the sharp increase in blood glucose, provoked by excessive consumption of simple carbohydrates contained in sweet and flour products, potatoes, carbonated drinks, is then replaced by a sharp decrease, followed by an attack of uncontrolled and unjustified appetite. Therefore, the sweetener does not even notice his constant overeating and at the same time almost always remains hungry. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon with honey in a morning Cup of tea will ensure the normalization of blood sugar levels for the whole day, but only if you do not eat candy and cakes kilograms.

Cinnamon for weight loss: recipes and reviews

Cleansing the body of toxins, the activation of metabolism and weight normalization will help drink cinnamon and honey, prepared as follows: 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder pour 1 liter boiling water, insist at least half an hour, carefully wrapped; when the infusion cools down, add 2 tablespoons of honey and leave overnight in the refrigerator. Take in the morning on an empty stomach and at night for half a glass.

Excellent results are obtained by uniting in a single beverage of two most powerful natural remedies – cinnamon and ginger. Add half a teaspoon of these spices in a glass of low-fat kefir, strengthen the composition with a pinch of red pepper and drink this cocktail on an empty stomach. Remember that in this the combustible mixture without kefir can not do – that it protects the stomach from irritation. If such an extreme is not for you, and nostalgia for the sweet may well destroy all your slimming plans, Breakfast sandwiches of bread or whole-grain bread with cinnamon paste with honey in a ratio of 1:2. This recipe for the use of cinnamon for weight loss receives consistently positive feedback – and tasty, and satisfying, and effective.

However, remember that no miraculous funds will not help you find the body of your dreams without the normalization of nutrition and increased motor activity. Lose weight with cinnamon on health!

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