Chum salmon – composition, calorific value, useful properties

Chum is one species of wild salmon, extra-large size fish. It is known that its largest representatives live in the waters near Alaska (the length can reach 1 meter or more). Off the coast of Russia, its size is usually no more than 70-75 cm. On average, the fish lives from 3 to 6 years. Sometimes you can find old chum, whose age – 10 years, but in most cases, chum salmon die after spawning, which happens to be her only time in lives.

In the list of salmon fish chum salmon in second place in taste of caviar (bypassing pink salmon caviar) – this product is valued worldwide and is not cheap, which is understandable: chum salmon caviar is large and very tasty!


This fish – almost a record among many of the fish in terms of protein content – the first place can give only the squid. The fact is that the protein in the keta is a fifth of the whole fish! Fat in fish quite a bit (about 5%), and he high-quality – keta contains fatty acids (omega). The rest of the mass falls on the water, so the fish is best baked in the oven and not fry, otherwise after frying it will be a little dry.


A single word about the calf. It takes more than one third of pure protein. Chum salmon caviar is an energy valuable product. It also has polyunsaturated fatty acids, important for the human body trace elements and lecithin.

Basic substances in the composition of chum salmon (per 100 g of product):

  • proteins – 19 grams,
  • fats – 5.7 grams,
  • water – 74,3 grams,
  • ash – 1.3 grams,
  • fatty acids – 1.3 grams,
  • cholesterol – 79 grams.

Micro and macro elements (per 100 g of product):

  • calcium – 20 milligrams.
  • potassium – 335 milligrams,
  • chrome – 55 milligrams
  • sodium – 60 milligrams,
  • zinc – 0.7 milligrams
  • phosphorus – 200 milligrams,
  • molybdenum – 4milligram
  • chlorine – 165 milligrams,
  • magnesium – 30 milligrams,
  • iron – 0.6 milligrams

Also fish is rich in vitamins A, B, D, E, PP and biotin.



Calorie content of chum salmon (meat) – about 127 kcal per 100 g. Caviar – 250 kcal per 100 g of product.

Despite the fact that salmon contains a considerable amount of fat, its meat isn't delicious. The protein is very well absorbed, and fats are quickly broken down due to the high content of lecithin.

Nutritionists found that such a composition of meat is the most the best for the human body, because the digestion of food will occur without huge energy costs.

Useful properties

Keta useful during exercise, and during mental. It is also useful for pregnant women, as well as people with weakened immunity after the disease. In the fish there is methionine, which has a beneficial effect on the liver and successfully fights depression. Caviar of chum salmon is ideal as an aphrodisiac, as well as infertility – it contains vitamin E normalizes the reproductive system.


Application of chum salmon in medicine

The Fat contained in the keta is a useful product and is recommended by doctors for the treatment of atherosclerosis, anemia, stomach disease and cardiovascular disease. Thanks to fish oil improves lipid metabolism in the body and normalizes the condition of skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis).


Use in cosmetology

Fish oil keta also contains useful fatty acids (omega), and in cosmetology it is used as a rejuvenating agent – acids prevent aging, fighting free radicals. From eggs get extracts used to prepare creams. The cost of such products is great, but the effect of the cream is huge: it will smooth out wrinkles and increase skin elasticity. Also from the eggs chum salmon produce cosmetics for recovery after plastic surgery.


Keta slimming

Chum Salmon, like many seafood, is of great benefit to the human body due to low calorie and excellent digestibility. The meat of this fish is useful for fighting overweight, as well as hypertension. The composition of chum salmon is interesting in that the use of the product meat will not "turn" in the body into fat, and maximum processed into energy. It is also worth noting the presence of vitamins and minerals, thanks to which your hair, bones and skin will be in great shape.

Useful information

Chum salmon Meat and caviar contains thiamine, which is able to protect the human body from harmful alcohol toxins. If you are going to drink alcohol, if possible, order a dish of this fish.

For cosmetic masks in any case do not buy caviar chum salmon in shops or supermarkets, as it is often sold with a lot of salt.


Still scientists it is unclear exactly how salmon can find the river where she was born, but it's a fact: the fish spawn in the "native place" and only once in their lives. There is a version that it has a very sensitive sense of smell and is able to catch the smallest nuances, which determines the composition of the water.

Keta the skin is used to make Souvenirs and even shoes. We are talking about fish during spawning – only in this case, the skin it becomes dark, rough and suitable for the manufacture of products.

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