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New year holiday overeatingit is Difficult to imagine new year holidays without abundant the table. And not one. We gather with family and friends and enjoy eating unhealthy and fatty foods.

Have holiday there is and the other side

Have you ever Thought that Christmas overeating is not due to the tradition of delicious food, but only to the festive excitement? Holiday meetings with friends require preparation and financial costs. And this does not go unnoticed for the nervous system.

First, overeating may be associated with the need to "seize" the problem, but then it becomes an independent disease, leading to diabetes and obesity.

This does not mean, that you need not there is the second slice of pie following the first. But if you dream about the cake day and night, and it is more important to you than the people around – this is a sign to turn to doctor.

Answer the following questions:

  • do you Eat when you are not hungry?
  • Do you want to eat for no apparent reason?
  • do you Experience in front of yourself in eating time guilt?
  • are you looking Forward to the moment when you will be alone and enjoy your meal?
  • do you Put on weight?
  • have you Ever heard from others that it is time for you to go on a diet?
  • did you have To answer "good advisers" that the diet is not necessary, and if there is, you will be able to sit on it at any time?
  • do you Eat after nervous?
  • does it Upset you or others that you are constantly eating?

If you answered most of the questions in the affirmative, it means that overeating requires medical intervention. Be sure to visit a therapist. It is necessary to find out the causes of overeating and develop strategies to get rid of food dependence. So you can improve your health and start to really enjoy life.

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