Christina Koryagina: anorexia now, photos before and after

In the pursuit of modern standards of Kristina Koryagina in 26 years had anorexia. Having driven herself into a rigid framework, the girl almost lost her life. Her weight reached a critical level and amounted to 17 kg. the Body almost completely lost fat and muscle mass, and the body was exhausted so that Christina almost stopped moving. Not so long ago Koryagina became a participant of the program "Let them talk", where she told about her problem. TV audience were shocked by what he saw, the girl looks like a living skeleton, although at that time did not weigh 17 and 22 pounds.

Causes of the problem

Koryagina Christina, who now has anorexia, grew up in a full family. Parents did everything for their daughter to make her feel happy. She studied well at school, graduated from more than one higher education institution, and others perceived her as perfection. Perhaps this is the cause of anorexia. Christina did not want to be disappointed in her, and the fear of getting better led to serious psychological problems.

For the First time eating disorders, the girl noticed in the second grade when she had surgery on her neck. It was after surgery that Christina began to throw tantrums about the food, refused it and even threw the plates against the wall.

Despite the fact that excess weight Christina the Results and so was not, she sat on a rigid diet. In the morning she drank a glass of juice, in the afternoon – coffee or tea, and in the evening ate a couple of slices of fruit. Myself Kristina Koryagina in the social network Instagram is recognized that not the goal was to lose weight, she just tried to avoid weight gain.

Further development of anorexia

The girl's Mother told reporters about her feelings for her daughter in an interview. According to her, Christina just "dried up" in the eyes. In September, she flew to Nizhny Novgorod for a course of treatment with a psychotherapist. The doctor did help his patient. For a year she gained 1 kg which is good. In fact, the girl's weight is so outside rules that to recover now is very difficult. But Christina tries to do everything possible to recover. It should be said that she was on the verge of life and death.

Note! The fate of Christina Koryagina interested in the ex-participant of the TV project "Dom-2" Maria Kohno. She once also had problems with eating behavior. Brought herself to anorexia, so the situation is familiar to her. However, the girl noticed the problem in time and coped with it on their own, without the participation of physicians.

As Cristina Koryagina looks now: photo before and after

Christina, anorexic, until recently was an attractive young girl who enjoyed an enviable success with the opposite sex. Now her appearance is a genuine horror. What Kristina Koryagina was before the illness and how she looks now can be seen in the photo before and after the tragedy.

Here Cristina completely attractive girl.

And this photo was taken on the program "Let them talk". Here Cristina weighs 22 kg.

Signs of exhaustion evident.

But the disease did not think to retreat. Rather, contrary, she claimed have Christine still 5 kg.

What now?

Now the young 26-year-old girl all forces struggles for life. To get 1 kg for it is progress, given too little weight. Christina is not going to stop there. Today, it has diversified its menu, introduced a chocolate, porridge, marshmallows and bananas. Soon Koryagina plans to undergo another course of therapy, as the doctor advises.

Relatives and friends of Christine hope soon to see again for the happy, healthy, and beautiful girl that she was before.

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