Choose healthy foods properly For weight loss and health

Choosing the right productsProper nutrition is the key to health, harmony and well-being. Among other things, the choice of products is important, taking into account their quality, seasonality, interchangeability and usefulness.

Buy dairy products
Check the composition of the products: only dairy and dairy products, made from whole milk is really useful.

If you are on a diet or simply prefer low-calorie dairy products, it is better to buy still with a low fat content than fat-free, the first is much better to satisfy hunger. But yogurt and cottage cheese with sugar is better not to take.

Pay attention to the shelf life, dairy products are perishable: natural milk is stored no more than 5 days, sour cream - about 7 days, oil - about 10, yogurt – no more than 30. If the shelf life of dairy products much longer, then, the benefits of such products will be much less.

Choose vegetables and fruits
Nutritionists say: the best vegetables, as well as fruits , are those that have grown in the region of your residence and related to this period of time (the ripening season).

However, for overseas fruits have their merits, they grow in the sun, they contain more vitamins, they are more diverse.
By cons can be attributed to the fact that they are collected unripe, overseas vegetables and fruits for transportation are covered with special formulations that protect against drying and loss of appearance, before use, they must be washed carefully.

Do Not buy too early fruits, they will certainly be a large number of nitrates, it is better to "suffer" before the mass harvest. For example, about nitrates in watermelons and melons indicate dark streaks. But citrus, for example, tangerines, do not accumulate nitrates.

Try to eat fruits of different colors every day, plant pigments – it is a necessary body substances – antioxidants.

Untreated cereals are the most useful for health: they have preserved all the nutrients, as well as rough fiber, necessary for the intestine.

Don't get carried away with porridge from cereals instant,the right gruel not brewed for 3-5 minutes, such kas the body mainly gets simple carbohydrates who are not able to satiate him for long.

Bakery products
For health useful bakery products from whole-grain flour or with additives in the form of bran or wheat germ, as well as seeds or dried fruits. Products containing gidrogenizirovannye fats, it is better to avoid these products provoke an increase in blood cholesterol.

Choose products in individual packaging to ensure that the product is not touched.
The quality of baking in fresh loaf can be checked by pressing it to the ground: if the bread quickly restores the former form, so it is qualitative, the exception is the product of durum wheat.

Select a fish
The most useful varieties of fish - marine, fatty, containing omega-3 fatty acids.

When buying fresh fish, pay attention to the eyes - they should not be cloudy and scales - she should Shine. Fresh fish has a pleasant sea smell. It is better to take the whole fish, it is fresh than pre-cut into portions pieces.

When Buying frozen fish, make sure that the fish has been frozen only once: when tapping, there should be a ringing sound, the fish itself is hard, the scales are tight, the eyes are convex.

The most nutritious meat is meat fat, more lean meat loin. Buy meat that is properly stored in large stores is a zone with zero temperature. If you buy frozen meat, it should be red, ice crystals can give it a slightly grayish hue. Large pieces of ice in the package say that, most likely, such meat has already been thawed and frozen again, which led to a change in the chemical composition of the product, refrain from buying such meat.

In poultry meat the most lean is white: breast containing less fat compared to dark meat of legs and thighs. Most of the fat in poultry meat is concentrated in the skin, which is better remove.

Very Good shopping!

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