Choose a sports simulator for home | For weight loss and health

The Modern simulator is capable of much. It is computerized, modernized, comfortable and elegant. But it needs an approach. With proper advice properly selected simulator works wonders, returning not only slenderness, but also health, strength, confidence and joy of life.

What do we want from the purchase?

There cardio, whose task is to strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory system, study of problem areas, getting rid of excess fat. Machines for the home to tighten and strengthen the muscles. Strength training should be preceded by cardio. Such preparation increases endurance, which affects the intensity of classes. Therefore, experts advise not to buy the weights without cardiomegaly. But the last one is without strength training equipment for the home is quite efficient.

To cardiovascular equipment include exercise bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills, Steppers and their semi-power counterparts: rowing machines and riders. Let's get acquainted with this group closer. Simulators are professional, semi-professional and home. Professionalism – increased life plus the versatility of the settings. Home simulators are cheaper than professional ones. But if you want comfort and long life "machines" – forget about the lowest price segment. Each company produces products with a minimum, average and maximum set of functions.

We Ship calories from exercise bikes, treadmills and Steppers, the price depends on the loading system. Easier and cheaper mechanical models. Representatives of the middle price class with a magnetic loading system have more opportunities and more return from classes. This is the best-selling class and the optimal ratio of "price-quality". The most expensive – electric/electromagnetic simulators (Ergometers). They are not only "smart" and "skillful", but also the most accurate – can maximally control the progress of classes, because scrupulously measure the level of load in watts (the importance of such control – a special conversation). Their minus (except high value of) – not can work, if there is no -. Changing the load during training can be mechanical and automatic. Automatic is more expensive, but you will not have to interrupt the training process. Even the process of changing the load can be stepped and smooth. Smooth is more effective. On it convenience is worth spending money. The more levels in the loading system, the smoother the transition will be, the more accurate the dosage of the load, and the more comfortable the training. Train comfortably!

The Main thing in the convenience of operation – steering range and seats. When the purchase is intended for family use, the interests of the whole unit of society should be taken into account. Special attention on those, whose weight exceeds 80 kilograms. Sports equipment for the home needs extra strength. Gel seat – another undoubted plus (minus – good money). But nothing should interfere with the process of training. Especially rigidity and inconvenience. Especially if the woman is engaged. Not to save. For more effective training you will need: stand under water, built-in player, fan. Some models provide for the use of the back as an athletic bench, some are equipped with dumbbells. It is important to take into account the size of the future purchase, the possibility of transportation. When the equipment is static – let it be with the expansion joints in the floor.

Most simulators have a built-in computer that controls the training process. Almost every monitor screen shows the time, calorie consumption, speed (or frequency) traveled distance (or the total amount of pushes, strokes...), pulse rate. To additional, but very convenient information (by the way, acting as a strong motivational factor) include:

  • fitness assessment: the degree of recovery of the body after training;
  • fat analyzer: possibility to get information about the main metabolism coefficient, body mass index, amount of excess fat and body type during the lessons;
  • built-in training programs – in fact, it is the services of a personal trainer;
  • heart rate program when some values of heart rate is fat burning, others – strengthens the body. The program will prompt, control, save from overvoltage.

To the category of exclusives include:

  • ability to save training parameters for four users (convenient when several users use the simulator man);
  • ability to create your own programs (except programs already available in computer memory);
  • computer animation training;
  • large monitor screen, possibility of maximum information reflection.


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If you decide to buy a sports simulator for your home, we recommend you to visit the site that offers more information about how to choose and buy sports equipment.

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