Choose a diet on the zodiac sign: lose weight on the stars

Now on the planet there is a cult of slenderness, so every day there are more new diets. Among such a variety is difficult to choose a technique that is ideal and will bring excellent results.

But here comes to the aid of astrology. Find out what diet is right for your sign, and start losing weight!

♈ Aries

The Rams do not require special diets because of their excessive physical activity helps to compensate for errors in the food. But if you still need to lose a couple of pounds, you should pay attention to food with a high protein content. Well suited Atkins diet or metabolic Diane cress diet.

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♉ Taurus

Taurus hardly change their eating habits, among which one can distinguish the love of sweets. However, they do not have to give up sweets for weight loss. Just confectionery should be replaced with fruit. Taurus is ideal watermelon or fruit and vegetable diet.

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♊ Twins

Twins do experiencing traction constantly something chew. Often they choose "fast" snacks (chips, rolls, cookies, etc.). For weight loss they should try interval fasting, which involves the rejection of food in certain time intervals. This power system is successfully followed by actress Heidi Klum, whose zodiac sign is Gemini.

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♋ Cancer

Crayfish love to cook and are real gourmets. However, they should make sure that the ingredients are fresh and healthy. Diet "Clean food" - ideal for Cancers. It requires the rejection of refined sugar, alcohol and products, which contain flavor enhancers and other chemicals.

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♌ lion

Being confident, Lions are in no hurry to follow any newfangled diet to get their body in order. However, representatives of this sign it should be understood that foods with a lot of fast carbohydrates (white bread, pasta, etc.), as well as fatty meats are an obstacle to a slim figure.

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To lose weight, Lions should make a choice in favor of lean meat and starchy vegetables. For example, perfect Japanese diet for 7 days.

♍ Virgo

Maiden rare people with obesity as they try to follow the rules of healthy eating. If they did begin to gain weight, you should adjust your diet. Quickly identify errors in nutrition will help them maintain a food diary, which records everything that is eaten for the day. Virgo is perfect failsafe diet singer Valeria!

♎ Scales

Representatives of this sign are unlikely to completely abandon fatty foods and alcohol, so they should choose a Mediterranean diet. It allows consume healthy fats and red wine in moderate amounts.

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Weight Loss on such a diet is not as fast as we would like, but without stress to the body. And this diet is followed by long-livers - monks of the Holy mount Athos.

♏ Scorpio

People of this sign are distinguished by a strong motivation and determination, so it is not difficult to get rid of excess weight. The main thing is to reduce the amount of "junk" food in your diet (chips, cakes, etc.). A healthy diet combined with physical activity will bring excellent results.

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♐ Sagittarius

Archers do not suffer monotony in the diet, because weight loss should follow "rules 5 days". Exactly 5 days a week you can eat whatever you want, but in the next 2 days the daily caloric intake should not exceed 500 kcal. This food helps to arrange a useful shake-up for the body and accelerate metabolism.

♑ Capricorn

The representatives of this sign by nature slow metabolism, so for weight loss in their diet should be present products that activate metabolic processes in the body.

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These products include grapefruit, ginger, cinnamon, Cayenne pepper, green tea, hibiscus and natural black coffee. Therefore, Capricorns should lose weight royally on the peerless Kate Middleton diet!

♒ Aquarius

This is the most unpredictable sign of the zodiac. Aquarius accidentally lose weight, then begin to rapidly gain weight. Compliance with a strict diet for them - a real hard labor. Therefore, when losing weight they should to focus not only on nutrition, but also on sports and active recreation. For example, use methods of weight loss Anfisa Chekhov.

♓ Fish

Representatives of this sign often accumulate excess weight is not due to fat but due to excess fluid in the body. Fish are most prone to edema. They should choose a salt-free diet since it is the salt that holds the liquid in organism.

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Now you know which diet is right for you. However, before using the new technique, it is advisable to consult a doctor!

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