Choose a cardio equipment for the home: price, reviews

Modern cardio equipment for exercising at home is not much inferior to their "hall" brethren. If you wish, you can buy a device that will "develop" a training program, calculate calories and, perhaps, will not be trained instead of you. However, choosing cardio equipment for home, you need to take into account not only the number of functions and General convenience, but also, so to speak, the hidden pros and cons of using this type of device. Well ... , suppose you decide that running in the nearest Park in any weather or dancing under video – not your option. Let's see what the industry has to offer and for what money.

Home cardio machines to 400.e.

Choice and competition in the "budget" market segment are quite large. According to surveys conducted by Intersport, most families are ready spending that kind of money on a cardio machine at home. However, then you have to give up the idea of buying a treadmill. To buy something cheaper than 12 000 p is possible only in stores that sell Chinese products no name. Only there electric treadmills can be bought cheaply, but such a purchase often has two significant disadvantages:

  • not too high quality components and assemblies of the simulator;
  • no maintenance in cities, except Moscow and Petersburg

Cross trainers and other elliptical machines

low-Cost elliptical machines are generally not equipped with a large number of pre-installed programs. But this is just not a problem – the purchase of a heart rate monitor for 50 USD and a little arithmetic allow you to train with the use even if the simulator does not have built-in sensors.

Pay attention is worth on:

  • stability of the projectile when walking – the simulator should not swing to the sides;
  • the quality of performance of parts – burrs on plastic, sinking buttons and other defects hint that the machine will not last very long;
  • manufacturer brand and availability of service.

A Significant disadvantage of budget ellipsoids are inconvenient pedals and short stroke levers. However, this defect is not have all models, and relevant only for people of high growth.
Detail on ABC Diets: elliptical trainer for home

Mini Steppers and Steppers

In the class "mini" under this price segment fits almost any model. Choose simulators with high-quality hydraulics – inspect the pedal drive, the cylinders should not be leaking, and visible deformations. If you want a "big" stepper, again, chase after the number of pre-installed programs is not necessary, it is better to choose the one whose pedals are convenient for you.

Exercise Bikes

Buying a stationary bike, it is better to give preference to the "discount" option with a magnetic pedal drive, rather than an inexpensive "mechanical" simulator. However, trainers Torneo, Intensor and other brands, producing, mainly equipment for home training, are not more expensive than 12 000 p with a fairly advanced functionality – in addition to magnetic drive offers built-in heart rate sensors, a set of programs for various purposes and a calorie counter.

With a stationary bike the main thing is not to "save". Everything that is sold under the slogan "super-compact solution" is often inconvenient for regular training. If you pedal fast or seriously increase resistance, the simulator will start to sway. So it is better to choose "average" for the price, less compact, but more stable models.

Select cardio equipment for home is more expensive 400.e

In this segment, the selection is expanded by treadmills. Today, a decent and quite comfortable model for the house can be bought for 20-30 thousand rubles. It will differ from expensive tracks by the following parameters:

  • there is only 2-3 options of angles of incline;
  • resistance;
  • the width of the canvas.

The Last parameter will force to refrain from buying people growth above 175 centimeters, and the first – of experienced athletes, which need range of the tilt fabric, is regulated with precision until degrees.

Best treadmill – electric, with as much as possible more engine power, wide soft cloth, speed and angle adjustable as accurately as possible. But to buy a home "spaceship" with a touch screen is not necessary – the buttons are quite insensitive, and require adjustment.

In General, calculate the cost of the track not only from its direct price, but also from the cost of maintenance. If you run 3-4 times a week or more, you will need it in 3-4 months. Well, if you don't, maybe you should do fitness club membership. It is not necessary to buy a mechanical track home – the technique of running on it is strongly distorted, and beginners can even damage their knees, "pushing" the canvas of the track with their feet with all their might.

Elliptical trainers and Steppers

In the "more expensive part of the market" is to try cardio, which have the so-called anatomical criterion of adjustment – the system of depreciation of steps, joint protection, etc. overpay for the brand and a couple of dozen "built-in" programs or not, it's your business. From the point of view of physiology of training, a pair of "trainer-heart rate monitor" is more effective than any built-in sensors and programs.

Exercise Bikes

If you have the opportunity to buy an expensive simulator of this kind, is to act like everyone else, and not buy a "classic" bike, and a trainer for Cycling. It will be much more expensive, but riding it is more effective in terms of "elimination" calories'. Ride standing, sitting, behind the saddle, fast, slow, in various techniques and learn to pedal as do Cycling professionals only with this option.
If your goal is weight loss, and "high" – the dream, is prefer this machine.

In any case, choosing a cardio simulator for the home, do not forget to try it in action, so you do not regret the money spent, doing on uncomfortable equipment for you personally.

And even if the simulator is equipped with heart rate sensors, buying a heart rate monitor with a chest strap is perhaps your most important task after purchasing the simulator itself. After all, cardio helps to lose weight only if performed with a certain intensity.

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