Chocolate wrap at home: effect, reviews, contraindications

chocolate wrap at homeChocolate wrap is a nice way to deal with cellulite and swelling. In addition, it can help in the process of weight loss, because caffeine natural cocoa powder able to stimulate the breakdown of fats, subject to a negative energy balance in the body.

An Important role is played by the texture and smell of the medium. The familiar aroma of chocolate stimulates the production of hormone the pleasure of dopamine, so that the procedure can be recommended to those who do not have enough pleasant experiences on a diet.

Some people think that home cosmetics are inferior to "purchased" masks for the hips, abdomen, but with regard to chocolate, we can say that the biological activity of freshly brewed mush is much higher than that of the extract, especially subjected to the process of preservation.

The Effect of chocolate body wrap for weight loss

Chocolate wrap gives drainage effect, helps to reduce the visible manifestations of cellulite. It is especially effective for women who are prone to swelling, fluid retention. Cocoa beans do not dry the skin, and on the contrary, nourish the skin of the body, due to this thigh look more smooth, attractive.

But a lot to lose excess weight with body wraps alone will not succeed. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, losing weight will have to first create a negative energy balance in the body, in other words, to diet and exercise. Only on backdrop of this - work.

    Diet will cause the body to turn to the breakdown of fat reserves, and cocoa will help to improve blood circulation, and hence, speed up the excretion of waste products from the tissues.

A Significant plus – light analgesic effect. If you "suffer" after another intense workout, it's time to run for a pack of cocoa. Natural drainage substances of this product contribute to the removal of not only excess fluid, but also lactic acid, the accumulation of which leads to pain.

How to make chocolate wrap at home

There is many recipes to do this procedure at home, but in any case you will need a wide pharmacy gauze bandage, a little food film or a special film, utensils for mixing components from non-metallic materials, about an hour of time that you can spend in a quiet comfortable environment.

    Make wraps courses of 10-15 procedures every evening, then perform the procedure 1-2 times a week for supports.

Chocolate wrap classic

Take 250 g of cocoa powder without sugar and 200 g of milk 2, 5-8% fat, depending on skin type. Mix cocoa with warm milk, impregnate with a mush bandages for wrapping, wind them from the ankles to the abdomen or lower ribs, cover with a film. Top dress warm pajamas, keep 20-40 minutes, wash off in the shower. Apply the mixture should be on clean skin, you can after bath for weight loss if you are OK with it.

Chocolate wrap with ginger

400 ml of milk to boil with 100 grams of grated fresh ginger and 100 grams of cocoa powder. Insist 20 minutes under a lid. To moisten in the liquid bandages and perform as in the previous version.

Attention! Ginger mush and cocoa-grounds should not be applied to the body, as it burns strongly.

Chocolate wrap with pepper

Boil 400 ml of milk, grate 1 quality bar of bitter chocolate, add to milk, stirring, dissolve. Then add half a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper and mix. Cool, apply to bandages, perform wrapping. To keep the composition more than 20 minutes should not be.

Wraps chocolate with algae

200 g pharmacy spirulina or kelp soak with cold water for 5 hours. Grind in a blender. Add 100 g cocoa powder without sugar, mix again until smooth. The resulting slurry is applied to the bandages, wrap the problem areas with bandages and film, keep 40-50 minutes.

Chocolate Wraps: contraindications and tips

This procedure has a number of contraindications:

    • Pregnancy;
    • Allergy to cocoa beans;
    • Lactation period;
    • The presence on the body of cuts, burns, wounds, abrasions;
    • Poor tolerance of high temperatures;
    • Hypertension in the acute stage;
    • Allergy to Cayenne pepper and ginger for appropriate recipes;
    • Diseases of organs of a small pelvis;
    • Cold.

Sometimes Allergy to components may occur suddenly. To avoid this, trying a new recipe for beauty, conduct a test. Apply the composition to the back of the hand. Do not wash this place, if after 6 hours the skin is not red, allergies are not manifested, you can proceed to wraps.

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