Chocolate diet, reviews and results of weight loss, menu

Despite the attractiveness of the name for the sweet tooth, chocolate diet – quite tough and low-calorie, besides it is valid only for people who have no health problems, especially – liver diseases, stomach and diseases associated with metabolism.

Also necessary to consider that the diet of the diet consists of coffee, and therefore it is impossible to adhere to for those who coffee is contraindicated.

    Chocolate diet is designed for a course of weight loss in 5-7 days. During this time, you can lose 5-6 kg.

But do not have to endure a week on a diet, if during the diet you feel bad – stop it.
Do not repeat the chocolate diet more than once a month.

    Calorie diet on chocolate – about 500-600 calories per day.

Menu of weekly chocolate diet for weight loss

    During day eat up to 100-150 grams of bitter chocolate, drink a small amount of coffee without sugar with skim milk.
    You can drink water no earlier than 3 hours after eating.

Very important point – exit from a low-calorie diet, in no event it is impossible to eat right, in fact, such a diet should come out as after fasting. Otherwise, all your lost pounds will return almost immediately.

What a diet extreme and dangerous to health, confirm the words said by singer Alsou in an interview about her experience of weight loss on a chocolate diet, here are her words:

Extra pounds I of course dropped, but brought himself almost to the unconscious conditions. Constantly dizzy, wanted to sleep, was so depressed.

Do Not bring yourself to such a state, if there are such symptoms, stop the diet.

Chocolate fasting day

For those who love chocolate, but do not risk losing weight on a chocolate diet may be suitable fasting day on chocolate.

Eat as described above (chocolate diet menu) 1-2 days a week, you can lose weight by 1 kg per day.

Contraindications for chocolate fasting day are the same as for the diet on chocolate.

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