Chinese diet for weight loss: reviews, menu for 14 and 13 days

Chinese diet for weight loss: reviews, menu for 14 and 13 days

Chinese diet exists in several varieties, and all of them are related by low calorie and severity. The body in any case should be prepared for the transition to a new diet: within four to five days it is necessary to clean the intestines, drinking two glasses of heated boiled water in the morning. This will lead to better digestibility of food and its useful components in particular. the Success of this nutrition scheme is based on strict follow the list of products and aging until the end of the term. The Chinese diet for weight loss for 14 days is more complex in its first part, the second part is already easier. As well as before introduction of any serious restrictions in a diet, for a start it is necessary to address for consultation to physicians.

Chinese diet Menu for 14 days

Day 1, he's 8.

After a Cup of coffee for Breakfast in the afternoon eat two hard-boiled eggs, cabbage salad with vegetable oil, tomato or its substitute – a glass of tomato juice. In the evening, eat the same salad, a piece of fried or boiled fish.

Day 2, he same and 9

Breakfast is similar to day one, plus a cracker is added. Lunch this day is equivalent to dinner 1 day. In the evening you can drink a glass of kefir and eat 200 grams of boiled beef.

Day 3 (day 10)

Breakfast is similar to Breakfast frst day.
For lunch, eat three large carrots boiled plus a little vegetable oil, drink a raw egg. In the evening, only apples do.

Day 4 (day 11)

Breakfast is the same as in day one and three. For lunch, eat the root of parsnip or parsley, which is pre-fried in oil (vegetable), as well as apples. Dinner is a 200-gram portion of boiled beef, 2 boiled eggs, cabbage salad.

Day 5 (day 12)

Carrots raw: it needs to be grated and a little season with lemon juice. At lunch, eat half a kilogram of fried or boiled fish, drink 1 glass of tomato juice. Dinner repeats evening the first meal of the day.

Day 6 (day 13)

In the Morning drink a Cup of coffee, in the afternoon eat a 500-gram portion of boiled chicken, adding cabbage or carrot salad.
For dinner again eat carrot salad, two boiled eggs.

Day 7 (day 14)

This time the morning begins with green tea, at lunch eat a 200-gram portion of cooked beef, adding to it the fruit as desired. Dinner is available to eat something that is allowed these days except the third.

Chinese salt-free diet Menu for 13 days

Chinese diet for weight loss: reviews, menu for 14 and 13 days

The Difference between these diets can consist not only in one "missing" day, but also in the diet. Another Chinese diet to reduce the abdomen and other parts of the body involves a freer combination of products – but from the list, which can be consumed in one day. It includes 300-400 g of rice, 120 g of any sea fish, 60 g of legumes, 100 ml of milk, 280 g of vegetables, one chicken egg. It is also allowed to eat 150-240 g of fruit to your taste. This is an option in which there is no place for meat and salt.

It is believed that due to this diet a native of China, the metabolism becomes more correct, the body can lose about eight pounds, and the effect will be maintained for a period of one year. However, after directly diet need to get back to his usual diet gradually, so as not to lose achievements. Those who tried this diet noted that they became more indifferent to meat products and sweet treats in the future, so it is easier for them to maintain a good shape.

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